Destination Moon: more missions, more science is the school theme for National Science Week in 2019, which begins on Monday. The theme is designed to reignite the passion for solving problems that sometimes seem unsolvable, with a particular focus on space. Big picture thinking is required to solve problems in Science. Teachers at Queenwood are inspiring students to undertake their own ‘big picture’ thinking in a number of ways.

Spotlight On: Studying History

16 August 2019

Teaching about a nation’s past, particularly about dark or confronting events, remains as contested as ever. As a History teacher, I’m often struck by the topics students engage with and those they do not.


Spotlight On: Y-PEP

2 August 2019

We often forget how lucky we are to live in such a privileged part of the world and take for granted the opportunities and resources available to us. Despite how fortunate we are, we cannot always protect children from some of the harsh realities of our world.


Spotlight On: Global Education

26 July 2019

The vision of WLSA is to create a community of schools which ‘advocate for the development of open-minded, resilient and responsible global leaders who can re-shape how we want to live and work with each other in the world‘.


Spotlight On: Humour in Teaching

14 June 2019

Good teachers differentiate, plan and deliver powerful lessons and provide effective feedback to their students – among many other things. But what of the great teacher? The traits of a great teacher in the 20th Century are no different from those of the 21st Century and will probably be the same in the 22nd Century.


Spotlight On: Shakespeare

7 June 2019

Shakespeare. A name that can conjure up joy and groans, fear and love, laughter and confusion. He’s been around for a while for a reason. Schools, universities, curriculum authorities, theatre companies and film directors all contribute to his ongoing cultural and educational currency.


Spotlight On: Being There

31 May 2019

‘You had to be there’ – a phrase that highlights the importance of physical presence in order to truly understand. For me, it perfectly sums up the central purpose behind our recent trip to Kempsey, a town roughly 400km north of Sydney, and particularly a moment that a small group of Year 11 Queenwood students shared as they stood under a tree listening to a story.


Spotlight On: Staying Safe

24 May 2019

If I were to single out one essential strategy for parents wanting to protect their children online, it would be having those awkward conversations now, while everything is going well.


Spotlight On: Managing Lives Online

17 May 2019

Explicit teaching about risks is important, but the real challenge is to find a way to cut through the cognitive barriers to make the advice real for teenagers in their own lives. The voices of peers are often heard more clearly, so our team spent some time working on how to increase these opportunities at school.


Spotlight On: Culture and Education

10 May 2019

Western education aims for a well-rounded personal education, rooted in the Classical Greek view advanced by Socrates in Plato's Republic. It is a student-centred view that focuses on examining our own lives and developing critical thinking skills. In contrast, Chinese education is mainly based on Confucian pedagogy within an exam-oriented system.


Spotlight On: Boredom

5 April 2019

A few years ago, some researchers put individuals in a comfortable but sparsely furnished room with nothing to do. It was boring. Participants were, however, also given a device to administer electric shocks. It turns out that 67% of men and 25% of the women tested would rather give themselves painful electric shocks than sit with their own thoughts for 15 minutes.