Recently appointed Head of English, Mr Dylan Chalwell, brings a wealth of experience and energy to the faculty. Ms Rebecca Birch, Director of Research & Practice, interviewed Mr Chalwell to uncover his opinion on what it is that makes the experience of reading literature so special, in an age of near-constant reading via texts, social media and mindless scrolling.

Spotlight On: Zoning Out to Zone In

28 June 2024

Modern technology has nearly eradicated boredom, creating a tech-saturated, hyper-connected world that we both love and loathe. Many of us can’t imagine being without our mobile phones. Life has changed quickly, hasn’t it?


Spotlight On: Let's Talk

19 June 2024

Research informs us about the alarming impact on the mental health of teenagers and increasingly pre-teenagers (particularly girls) when digital device use goes unchecked. In this article we offer advice and suggestions for parents to enable us together to support our girls as they navigate the often complex and confronting social media realm.


Spotlight On: Gifted Education

24 May 2024

The field of gifted education is plagued by myths and misconceptions. In line with Gifted Awareness Week, we hope to dispel two of the myths and raise awareness of the complex needs of our gifted students.


Spotlight On: In praise of librarians

28 March 2024

Having had the good fortune of working with wonderful librarians for most of my teaching career, I had somewhat taken their expertise for granted.


Spotlight On: The Heart of Poetry

15 March 2024

There is a paucity of poetry in many children’s lives. At Queenwood, we’re bucking the trend.


Spotlight On: From Our Mistakes, We Learn

1 March 2024

The teacher simply wants the best for their student.  By Year 12, we would expect that the student recognises their role in changing the narrative, to take responsibility, submit the work and of course the next lesson is a new beginning.  


Spotlight On: Financial Literacy for women: Why a man is not a (financial) plan.

16 February 2024

This lack of women matters because those who study economics go on to make economic policies that shape all our lives.


Spotlight On: Joy

1 December 2023

Schools are busy, rich and complex environments and many of the most important experiences will not be found in the calendar of events. That which is most significant, long-lasting and life-changing is often invisible – it exists in a particular moment, or comes about through a long, slow process of growing maturity and self-knowledge.


Spotlight On: How we keep our teachers happy

24 November 2023

In the context of all we offer our teachers at Queenwood, building community is key, not only in the professional learning domain, but as colleagues.


Spotlight On: The Other Side of the Report Card

17 November 2023

For a school that is not academically selective we have enormous pride in our students results. Yet academic success does not stand alone, it is only one side of the report card.