When teachers put down their whiteboard markers at the end of last year, the world was spinning smoothly on its axis. By mid-January, however, artificial intelligence and ChatGPT had hit the headlines and the educational future had, allegedly, changed forever.

Spotlight On: Financial Literacy for women: Why a man is not a (financial) plan.

16 February 2024

This lack of women matters because those who study economics go on to make economic policies that shape all our lives.


Spotlight On: Joy

1 December 2023

Schools are busy, rich and complex environments and many of the most important experiences will not be found in the calendar of events. That which is most significant, long-lasting and life-changing is often invisible – it exists in a particular moment, or comes about through a long, slow process of growing maturity and self-knowledge.


Spotlight On: How we keep our teachers happy

24 November 2023

In the context of all we offer our teachers at Queenwood, building community is key, not only in the professional learning domain, but as colleagues.


Spotlight On: The Other Side of the Report Card

17 November 2023

For a school that is not academically selective we have enormous pride in our students results. Yet academic success does not stand alone, it is only one side of the report card. 


Spotlight On: Arnhem Land Immersion 2023

10 November 2023

While in Nyinyikay we learned about the culture of the YolÅ‹u people, and an integral part of the learning was knowing how to be part of a community. 


Spotlight On: A school-wide approach to writing

3 November 2023

One reason for this decline in writing standards could be attributed to the myth amongst some educators that students become better at writing by writing, or the assumption that if students read enough, they will simply master writing skills instinctively.


Spotlight On: Stories open our eyes to the world

27 October 2023

Stories have the unique capacity to engage us in an issue. They can transform distant or abstract ideas into something we can identify with.


Spotlight On: Benefits of Exams

20 October 2023

So, why do we do tests and exams? The answer is because they are an important educational tool, for both academic and social-emotional learning.


Spotlight On: Device Detox

13 October 2023

Queenwood is no different to schools all over the world who are experiencing the same challenging behaviours from their students in relation to mobile phone usage.


Spotlight On: Connections

15 September 2023

At Queenwood, our commitment to building a sense of community is unwavering, and we believe that this can only be achieved through spending time together. As a community, our collective purpose is to nurture the young minds entrusted to our care, providing them with authentic and meaningful connections.