In precarious times like these, it is important to remember that everyone is coping differently and in their own way. While some of you may be simply ecstatic to come back to school, just remember that not everyone is feeling this way and, most importantly, that not feeling that way is perfectly okay. Look out for the people around you (not just your friends), as support is a necessity and key to a formidable comeback!

Spotlight On: Empowering Our Girls

24 September 2020

This morning I watched a special moment for your Kindergarten and Year 2 students. The Year 2 students wrote fairy tales earlier in the term and then read their stories to a delighted group of Kindergarten girls. It is an empowering process – the Year 2s, as little as they are with wobbly teeth and scuffed knees, become the grown-up in the room.


Spotlight On: Gratitude

18 September 2020

The emerging theme of 2020 is, for me, gratitude. Here are four things for which I am grateful.


Spotlight On: Why Children Draw

11 September 2020

I recently asked a group of small children to make a birthday card for their grandfather. I laid out crayons, markers, pencils, coloured paper, scissors and glue and reminded them that they needed to consider not what interested them, but what might interest ‘Papa’ and make him happy on his birthday.


Spotlight On: The Class of 2020

4 September 2020

While there is talk all around us about finding ways to have graduations and ceremonies to mark Year 12, and while we are doing all that we can not only to do these things in a constrained environment while making sure that we do recognise the very special achievements of the Class of 2020, their individuality and their specialness, there is more to the story of what will always be a storied year.


Spotlight On: Life Beyond Queenwood

28 August 2020

In the same way that an answer to the common question, “What do you do?” does not give a full picture of who a person really is, what our girls choose to study beyond Queenwood is not the whole picture of who they are becoming.


Spotlight On: Why History Matters

21 August 2020

In truth, history is a discipline that has the human experience at its heart. It examines the very substance and art of living. It introduces us to bodies of knowledge and powerful ideas that shape people’s values and understandings of the world.


Spotlight On: A New Teacher's Perspective

7 August 2020

As a girls’ school, we are able to build the needs, habits and preferences of girls into everything we do. For those like myself, who have been in the field for many years, it can be refreshing to hear the perspective and insights of colleagues who are new to Queenwood and new to teaching in a girls’ school, so Mrs Toohey took the opportunity for this newsletter to interview Mr Tanchevski, who joined us this year to teach Year 2. 


Spotlight on: Looking to the Future

24 July 2020

As these strange and uncertain times continue, it is tempting to put deeper, long-term thinking on hold. After all, everyone is exhausted, there’s a crisis to manage and who knows what the next weeks and months have in store? There is, however, something restorative and energising about raising our eyes to the far horizon and we have been thinking hard about some of the lessons (so far!) of 2020.


Spotlight On: Revisiting Rites of Passage

12 June 2020

Queenwood offers much to develop the perseverance, integrity and resilience required in adult life. School camps are slightly less extreme than bungee jumps and insect stings but the point of the physical challenge is the same. When girls come away surprised at what they can achieve, they learn in a powerful way that anxiety is not a reliable indicator of potential.


Through a Glass, Darkly

5 June 2020

Some things are seen more clearly from the outside. And from the outside, it is easy for Australians to see in this week’s scenes from America the injustice, the fear, the racism, the excesses, the manipulation, the hypocrisy, the rage and the despair.