Our extensive cocurricular program is designed to ensure that every girl can find something that appeals to her

The benefits of being involved in cocurricular activities are numerous - learning to be a positive team member, striving for personal best, fulfilling commitments, having a sense of belonging and building friendships beyond the classroom.

The cocurricular program provides a variety of activities for students in the Junior School. There are athletics, dance, debating, music, gymnastics, snowsports and sailing clubs to name a few. Specialist staff are dedicated to providing challenging sessions in a safe and fun environment.

Participation in the inter-school sports program for students in Years 4-6 is voluntary. Over 90% of Junior School girls choose to play in on one or more team sports, including football, hockey, netball and cricket. Whilst providing a competitive sporting experience, the emphasis is on the process of building skills and working together rather than the end result.

The music curriculum is complimented by an extensive cocurricular program. Private lessons are available for students in K-6 in piano, traditional orchestra and band instruments, voice and musicianship. The instrumental program for students in Years 3-6 requires all to play an instrument of their choice. There are ensembles, choirs and bands for all level of music ability.

Queenwood offers opportunities for girls to follow their passion. We pride ourselves on the extensive range of activities.

On Offer Cocurricular Program

Our wide offering outside the classroom provides extensive opportunities for each girl to develop the personal qualities essential to her adult life. Whatever her tastes and talents, there should be an arena in which she can forge resilience, perseverance, commitment, focus, tolerance and generosity.


PRINCIPAL, 2014 - 2023


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