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Committed to a liberal education

At Queenwood our commitment is to a liberal education – an education which, at its core, develops rigorous thinking and the practice of inquiry.

In their personal and intellectual development, we both support and stretch our girls, encouraging increasing engagement with the wider world. Our aim is to develop in our students the character, disposition and skills they will need to flourish in and contribute to a world of complexity and change.


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Liberal education

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Liberal Education


Queenwood provides a well-balanced curriculum that caters to individual differences and reflects our purpose of stimulating a lifelong awakening to the complexity of the world.

From Kindergarten to Year 12, our programs are unusual in their richness and breadth and are delivered by specialist teachers.

We have excellent facilities and we emphasise participation in a wide range of opportunities in the classroom and beyond, but the essence of a Queenwood education is found not in the buildings and grounds but in its people. 

Young people learn best in an atmosphere of warmth, openness and trust and the quality of relationship between students and teachers is at the heart of our success. Queenwood girls genuinely enjoy and respect the achievements of their peers and this underpins a culture of mutual encouragement and motivation. 



In the spirit of our founders, who were women of intellect, energy and purpose, we aim to develop young women who know their minds and can navigate their own path, whilst remaining open to alternative views and receptive to nuance.

Our approach rests on the conviction that every student needs to experience both success and frustration to achieve full intellectual, social and emotional development.

As girls move through the school from Kindergarten to Year 12 there are increasing opportunities and expectations for independence. Our curriculum, pastoral care structures and extra-curricular programs create a safe but challenging framework within which girls learn to manage their work, their time, their relationships and responsibilities – skills which are essential to a happy and productive life.



Education is a gift and from those to whom much has been given, much is expected. Understanding our place in the world is the first step to seeking justice, peace and prosperity for all.

Powerful moments of insight can come through simple processes of connecting with people different from ourselves – whether through their background, abilities, history, age or experience.

Our girls are keen to engage with contemporary social and political issues, thereby deepening their knowledge of themselves and gaining deeper and more nuanced perspectives on the world.



Our ultimate objective is to produce young women of character, generous in spirit and motivated to apply their gifts and energies in the service of others.

We encourage our students at every level to contribute in thought, word and deed: responding to the vulnerable and marginalised with respect and compassion; speaking out with courage; and taking action in their service. 

Building this understanding begins with promoting relationships of respect, care and appreciation. From our youngest upwards, our students are actively involved not just in raising funds but learning about the needs and the issues and taking responsibility to educate and advocate.

In this they are joined by the wider Queenwood community of Old Girls, parents and friends who actively support a wide range of communities, projects and campaigns. Combining our school community’s expertise and resources to help – from the marginalised Indigenous communities in Australia to homeless services in our local area to schools and colleges in Cambodia – Queenwood girls learn that each of us can make a difference.

Our aim is to develop in our students the character, disposition and skills they will need to flourish in and contribute to a world of complexity and change.