When they leave their school days behind, Queenwood students enter a vibrant community of Old Girls

Connected by their shared values and formed by their shared experiences, our Old Girls (alumnae) follow a remarkable variety of paths.

As accomplished and compassionate women, they make important contributions in a wide range of fields. We regularly welcome back distinguished Old Girls who inspire and assist our students in determining their own paths. 

Prof Sally Dunwoodie

Gayle Kennedy


Our Old Girls also support the School through their work in the Queenwood Old Girls’ Association (QOGA).

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QOGA keeps school spirit alive through reunions, networking, social events and more. All Old Girls are warmly invited to join QOGA and to attend a range of school events. The School is happy to assist Old Girls in organising reunions. 

Violets High Tea 

Each year we look forward to welcoming the Violets (Old Girls celebrating over 50 years out of school) to our annual High Tea on Level 5. It is a wonderful event where you can share your stories of life after Queenwood and enjoy the familiar view of Balmoral.

All Years Reunion

Every September we invite all Old Girls to celebrate the School's Birthday with a glass of bubbles and a cupcake. We encourage you to use this event as a starting point to organise your year reunion. Enjoy the School surroundings from 4pm – 6pm then continue on for dinner and drinks.

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