Careers advice

Queenwood girls are assisted by our Careers Advisor in identifying courses, seeking admission and applying for scholarships at universities across Australia and the world.

A significant majority gain entrance each year to their first choice of university course. They regularly go on to study at top universities in Australia and overseas (eg Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, St Andrew’s, Cambridge and top US colleges). In recent years our girls have also enjoyed remarkable success in winning prestigious scholarships in Australia and overseas (including full scholarships to universities such as Harvard, Yale and Duke).

We are proud of the contribution that our graduates go on to make in a wide range of fields and regularly invite them back as inspiring mentors and advisors for our students.

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Today, women can do everything in the workforce. When I was growing up this wasn’t the case. Women were not well represented in all careers and certainly were not at the top of these careers. But they were doing everything at Queenwood. The Principal, every teacher, all the support staff - yes, you guessed it - they were women. Since at Queenwood women held the power, I believed that I could take control of my own destiny and forge my career, without fear. I am grateful to Queenwood for showing me the way.