Debating & Public Speaking

Helping girls find their voice

Queenwood offers many opportunities for young women to experiment with, develop and strengthen voices that will shape - and change - the world.

In the Junior School class speeches and presentations feature regularly from Kindergarten upwards. From Year 2 onwards, girls begin to speak on public occasions such as assemblies, School services and community events.

In the Senior School, Year 7 students may enrol in a Speechcraft course which teaches them to speak with confidence and impact. Queenwood girls also compete with consistent success in a variety of competitions such as Rostrum Voice of Youth, the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award, the Plain English Speaking Award, Voice NSW, the Sydney Eisteddfod and the Festival of Speech. 

As they debate ideas and speak in challenging environments, the girls develop self-confidence, master the use of expressive language and sharpen their communication skills - qualities that are vital for young women on the threshold of adult life.

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