The teacher simply wants the best for their student.  By Year 12, we would expect that the student recognises their role in changing the narrative, to take responsibility, submit the work and of course the next lesson is a new beginning.  

Spotlight On: Welcome Back

21 July 2023

A warm welcome to Term 3, especially to new families joining Queenwood. We hope you have had plenty of time to rest and recuperate after an eventful Term Two. As a school we have become expert in finishing a term with a flourish, whether it be House Music Festival or farewell events for Ms Stone.


Spotlight On: Farewell

16 June 2023

It has been an honour to lead the School over the last nine years, and I leave it in good hands now, with Mrs Belinda Moore as Acting Principal and then, in January, our new Principal Mrs Marise McConaghy. As the School grows ever stronger under their leadership, I will be watching your daughters’ progress from afar and cheering them on with great affection.


Spotlight On: Connections that Age

9 June 2023

Age is used to group people. It is often used to categorise individuals by skills and interests, as at school. For the most part, this makes sense. It would be strange to have a Kindergartener working in the classroom with a Year 12.


Spotlight On: The Great Motivator

2 June 2023

Students who feel control over their own learning, learn not because someone is telling them to, but because they want to.


Spotlight On: Towards Equality

26 May 2023

By increasing educational opportunities for girls, we contribute to a more equal society.


Spotlight On: What Brings Teachers Joy

19 May 2023

Per Aspera Ad Astra means ‘Through struggles to the stars.’ This is what truly brings teachers joy, making the struggle meaningful and helping to push through the clouds so that the girls can see the stars they will reach for.


Spotlight On: Wellbeing in Schools

12 May 2023

We have never been more concerned about “wellbeing” but its definition is influenced by the lens through which one sees it.


Spotlight On: Anxiety

5 May 2023

We are, as a society, more risk-averse than ever and everyone needs to take some responsibility for the effect on our children.


Spotlight On: Connecting with Community

28 April 2023

It is impossible not to want to know more when we’ve met people who defy their difficult circumstances to take hold of opportunities and create new avenues of growth for themselves and others.


Spotlight On: Social Exclusion

31 March 2023

We often assume that there are only benefits to leaving behind the rigid social protocols of yesteryear but there is a hidden emotional cost when children are left to negotiate social and emotional ambiguity on their own.