Pastoral Care

Relationships are at the heart of a Queenwood education


We are a relatively small school in which each girl can be genuinely known and has multiple trusted points of contact.

Our formal pastoral structures are built around the classroom teacher in the Junior School and the tutor group in the Senior School, and these are supported by specialist pastoral care staff including the School Counsellor. 

Respect, trust and a sense of belonging are essential for young people to grow, learn and flourish. We have a strong culture which promotes positive relationships amongst staff and students. Students new to Queenwood often comment on the warmth and personal interest shown in them by their teachers and the impact this has on their learning and classroom experience.

Our K-12 Wellbeing Program provides a framework for explicit teaching in age-appropriate ways of a range of skills essential to personal development.

Topics include:

  • friendship skills and emotional regulation;
  • anti-bullying and cybersafety;
  • sleep and nutrition; 
  • study skills and goal-setting;
  • protective behaviours language and education;
  • risk-taking behaviours and mental health. 

Explicit teaching is accompanied by a variety of peer mentoring and cross-year activities which are designed to create networks of relationships which support each girl to grow in wisdom, compassion and confidence.

It is important that each girl emerges with an understanding of her physical, emotional and mental health; with the resilience and flexibility to cope with change and setbacks; and with the knowledge that a fulfilling and ultimately happy life comprises periods of challenge and endurance along with times of joy and ease.


The school motto is Per Aspera ad Astra, through struggle to the stars. “ ‘Per Aspera’ precedes ‘ad Astra’ and so it is that strength and courage are necessary, for the highest and best are not attained without struggle…”

Miss Rennie,
Principal 1931 – 1962

school motto

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