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If your daughter is ill will not be attending School please email absence@queenwood.nsw.edu.au for Senior School or junior.switch@queenwood.nsw.edu.au for Junior School. Include your daughter's name and Tutor group/class.

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NSW Department of Education

Latest COVID-19 news and updates.

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NSW Health

Latest COVID-19 news and updates, including inter-state travel requirements.

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Spotlight On: Reading

5 February 2021

Right now, your eyes are tracking across this page from left to right and you are reading without much thought about the processes that are going on in your brain.  Reading for you is easy. In fact, one could say that it is automatic – or, at least, it feels automatic.


Spotlight on: Stamina

31 July 2020

A few weeks ago, we were in a very different situation in NSW; yet as I write the virus is creeping closer. I am full of admiration for the management of this crisis so far by our medicos, public health experts and political leaders. Are they perfect? No. But in NSW we have been exceptionally well-served so far.


Return to School - COVID-19 Restrictions

14 July 2020

Any NSW resident who has visited Victoria in the last 14 days is required to self-isolate for 14 days once they return home. If your daughter has travelled to Victoria during the holiday break we ask that you keep her home for self-isolation and monitor her symptoms.


Spotlight On: Returning to Campus

15 May 2020

The staged return to campus has allowed us all to adjust gradually to the usual routine and also test the various measures we have put in place to manage hygiene and physical distancing.


Spotlight On: Community

8 May 2020

The challenge for all of us, then, is to ensure that we maintain our sense of community. All relationships are founded on shared experiences and time spent together, and I hope we can ensure that we don’t sacrifice this in the name of efficiency.


Returning to Campus 1 May 2020

1 May 2020

Message from the Principal


Preparations for Term Two

24 April 2020

Message from the Principal


Spotlight On: A New Way of Learning

6 April 2020

Message from the Principal 


Queenwood Tennis Centre to close

27 March 2020

Message from the Acting Director of Sport


Queenwood bus service 25 March 2020

25 March 2020

Message from the Director of Business & Finance