Our extensive cocurricular program is designed to ensure that every girl can find something that appeals to her

By working with others in teams and ensembles, girls develop teamwork, leadership skills and enduring friendships. As they learn about themselves they often light the fires of a lifelong commitment.

Queenwood values the enthusiasm of the novice, the dedication of the elite performer and everything in between. We have outstanding facilities and highly qualified staff dedicating to getting the best out of every girl. With afternoon sport, weekend fixtures, House activities, clubs, camps, ensembles, trips and excursions there is something for everyone.

All girls learn music in Years 7 and 8, participate in our annual House Music Festival and have many opportunities to sing and play in dozens of choirs, orchestras and ensembles tailored each year to suit the interests of girls of all ages.

Participation in the sports program is voluntary but over 90% of girls choose to play in 18 different sports ranging from Basketball to Water Polo. For some, being active with a group of friends is enough; for others, the objective is elite competition at national and international level. The important thing is that all girls have the opportunity to play and the coaching expertise to help them develop.

The drama program begins in the curriculum from Kindergarten upwards and there is a wide range of clubs, productions and opportunities to perform each year. Additional activities include Chess, Dance, Debating, Public-Speaking, Robotics & Engineering and many others. 


The Arts

Technology & Engineering

On Offer Cocurricular Program



Our wide offering outside the classroom provides extensive opportunities for each girl to develop the personal qualities essential to her adult life. Whatever her tastes and talents, there should be an arena in which she can forge resilience, perseverance, commitment, focus, tolerance and generosity.


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