Why Q?

“We value them not for what they achieve, but for who they are”

For over 90 years, Queenwood has been committed to the education and formation of girls and young women.

Our founders built a school in which each girl was encouraged to balance her academic endeavours with a broad program of participation and contribution. That tradition of excellence continues within a culture of warmth and curiosity. Our school is distinctive for its size and strength of community, which becomes a crucial platform from which our students can engage with confidence and openness with the wider world.


Our Values


Queenwood has outstanding teachers and an exceptionally broad curriculum which recognises individual differences and caters to varied needs for support and challenge. We seek to develop in our students the knowledge, skills and habits which will be the foundation for a lifelong awakening to the complexity of the world.  

Our examination results are consistently excellent in both the HSC and the IB Diploma Programme, and our graduates go on to world-class universities across Australia and the globe.

Our commitment to the life of the mind reaches far beyond the examination syllabus, and we recognise the school years as an essential grounding in developing an intelligent and sensitive awareness of the world.


Balanced Program

We place a strong emphasis on involvement in cocurricular activities. Through participation in music, sport, drama, the arts, debating, outdoor education and a multitude of other activities, girls acquire skills and habits for a lifetime: teamwork, self-discipline, courage, respect, independence, confidence and self-knowledge.

Our rich program of activities creates some of the deepest learning and happiest moments for our students.




The school years are a window of opportunity for young women to develop their voice and their sense of self – precious gifts that they will take through life.

Many parents have questions about the relevance in of single-sex education in a modern world, but the mix of boys and girls is only one of many factors to consider. Ultimately, the most important question is whether the school is a good fit for your child.

At Queenwood we believe that girls thrive in a single-sex environment for many reasons.

We believe there are real academic advantages and you can review some of the evidence here. Even more importantly, a single-sex environment creates more space for girls to develop a strong sense of identity and learn free from inhibition or limiting expectations. Having acquired the habit of asking questions and speaking out, of taking risks and assuming leadership, our young women move into adult life with assurance and purpose. To learn more about our approach, read our former Principal's opinion piece.

The best answer to this question, however, is our alumnae. Queenwood Old Girls are renowned authors, ground-breaking scientists, prominent leaders in business and politics, committed reformers and contributing members of society. Their readiness and capacity to thrive in a complex world speaks for itself.



With around 300 in the Junior School and 600 in the Senior School, Queenwood is large enough to provide the full range of opportunities, and small enough for each girl to be known. We love to see our students develop from little girls into young women, and to share with our parents in the celebrations and stumbles of growing up. Our students are greatly enriched and encouraged by the contribution that Queenwood families, Old Girls and friends make to our community.

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