Curriculum & Teaching

A busy, vibrant and happy learning environment – where foundations are laid and individuals are nurtured

Girls learn best in an atmosphere of warmth and challenge. Our highly qualified and caring teachers deliver engaging lessons and, most importantly, know their students.

Learning is built on trust. Each girl’s primary relationship is with the classroom teacher and she also has the benefit of a network of specialist teachers to provide additional support and stimulation.

Kindergarten to Year 2

The transition into school can and should be a happy time. A careful program of orientation begins 12 months before Kindergarten and includes several opportunities for girls and their parents to visit the school, experience sample lessons, meet their future Year 6 ‘buddies’ and even participate in regular music lessons with their future classmates.

At the beginning of every year, each girl is carefully assessed so that her teacher understands her starting point and can ensure that her individual needs are catered for in the classroom.

Queenwood offers an unusually diverse curriculum even in the early years. In addition to English, Maths, Science, History and Geography, specialist teachers take the girls for Drama, Music, Art, French and Physical Education (PE) in specialist facilities.

A love of reading is fostered in the classroom and through a vibrant library program, and important skills such as information and digital literacy, coding and touch typing are incorporated into the curriculum.

Girls are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves from the start, and by Year 2 they are assisting with younger girls, performing in concerts, speaking at events and leading assemblies.

Year 3 to Year 6

Academic development from Year 3 upwards builds on these foundations. Girls begin to make the shift from learning to read to reading to learn and more complex skills of comprehension, inference and analysis are developed. In English and Maths, further enrichment opportunities are available.

In Year 3 girls may elect to take Mandarin instead of French, and all girls choose an instrument and begin our instrumental music program. PE lessons continue to develop fine and gross motor skills, coordination and fundamental movement skills and from Year 4 girls may opt to participate in Saturday sport against other schools.

The library continues to play important role in the development of sound reading habits. Weekly library lessons allow girls to explore the world of books, develop research skills and learn to evaluate and manage information.

Throughout this period, girls continue to learn essential personal skills and have a variety of opportunities to work in teams or take on leadership roles. Our Year 6 girls have particular leadership responsibilities and take part in a transition program preparing them to enter Year 7.


Support and challenge

Students have different abilities and experiences to which good teaching must be responsive. We place a strong emphasis on differentiation within the classroom from day to day to ensure that students are challenged wherever possible and supported wherever needed.

Where girls have needs that require further adjustment, our Specialised Programs team can step in.

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