Our Values

Truth. Courage. Service.

The Queenwood values have taken different forms since the inception of the School. In developing our Strategic Direction we have reaffirmed the values Truth, Courage and Service, as declared by our founders and expressed in the words of the beloved School Hymn.


In truth we:

  • seek knowledge and a deep understanding of the world; 
  • act with honesty and integrity; 
  • grow in wisdom and self-knowledge; 
  • lead upright lives with a strong moral compass.


With courage we:

  • persevere through adversity; 
  • think and act with independence;
  • engage openly and confidently with diverse people and ideas;
  • rise to the challenge of the complex and the unfamiliar.


Through service we:

  • respect the value of humanity in all its diversity;
  • seek justice and peace with humility and compassion; 
  • stand with the vulnerable and marginalised in our local community and beyond; 
  • cultivate a generous and joyful spirit.

Per Aspera ad Astra 

The significance of the School’s motto, Per Aspera ad Astra (‘Through Struggles to the Stars’), was explained by Miss Rennie:

‘Per Aspera’ precedes ‘ad Astra’ and so it is that strength and courage are necessary, for the highest and best are not attained without struggle… There is so much that needs reforming in the world today, so many wrongs to be righted, so many poor and sick to be tended, so many weak to be protected. Are not these high adventures which call for women of strength and courage and purpose?

That sense of purpose, the willingness to engage with challenge and the desire to make a contribution remain at the heart of Queenwood’s mission.