What really matters in a school is the people in it

In this crucial period of development, her relationships and her experiences of challenge, frustration and success will have a lasting impact. It is our belief that the outdoor education program offers all of these experiences and more.

In Terms 1 and 2, Years 3 -11 venture on an annual school camp that works on many levels of personal development. Students get to know each other out of the traditional school environment, while participating in adventurous physical activities such as abseiling, canoeing and bushwalking.

The ability to work as a team and gain new skills creates a bond between the girls, who also develop self-confidence and resilience when faced with challenges.

Queenwood works in partnership with The Outdoor Education Group to deliver a unique sequence of Outdoor Education Programs from year 3 through to year 10.  Yr 11, with the assistance of Lands Edge, focus on building leadership skills in the senior years. Each program builds incrementally on the previous year, with students gradually developing a greater sense of independence and confidence in the natural environment.

Intrinsically, the sequence requires more from students each year. This may be in the form of longer programs, more demanding personal organisation, changing environments or more effective communication. These camps not only provide opportunities for the girls to experience a range of exciting activities, but they encourage students to take initative, think responsibly and make empathetic decisions. This is especially important in today’s ever increasing digital world.

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