Technology & Engineering

Technology and engineering combine intellectual challenge with practical problem-solving

Trained engineers supervise our Advanced Technologies and Engineering program. Girls work on carefully designed projects in a non-selective, fun environment as part of the cocurricular offer in the School. Some of the projects include:

Lego Robotics

Lego Robotics has a long history at Queenwood with students competing at State and National levels. Teams design and build Lego robots which undertake challenges such as dancing to music or playing soccer. This entails skills in coding, computational thinking and engineering. Students from Year 6 upwards compete in several competitions each year.

The Science and Engineering Challenge

Through this Challenge, students experience aspects of Science and Engineering which they would not usually see in their school environment. They undertake a range of activities which enrich their understanding and encourage them to consider a future career in Science and Engineering.

MiniSprint Solar Racing

MiniSprint solar racing requires students to team up to design, build and race a model car or boat powered only by the energy of the sun. Construction of these vehicles combines electronics, design and engineering. They are then raced at the annual inter-schools competition.

Maker Club

The Maker movement involves repurposing discarded items and hacking computer code to produce new, useful items. This combines key elements of design with an understanding of coding, but is suitable for a novice coder. Examples include developing a word clock, building your own radio and other projects inspired by the interests of the students.

QUTE Electric Vehicle Project

Students are currently rebuilding a 1970s Ute and converting it to electric power. This project continually evolves year on year and involves 2 workshops per week although participants are not required to attend both sessions every week. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain some real-world experience in mechanics, engineering, science and design. Learn more about the project here: