Academic Results

We are a community that comes together for the purpose of serious study

Our girls consistently achieve formidable results in the HSC and IB Diploma, reflecting the quality of teaching and deep culture of learning at Queenwood.

We are academically non-selective and yet our results reliably place us in the top few such schools in the State.

We congratulate those who have achieved outstanding results as judged against their peers, and equally those who have achieved outstanding results as judged against themselves. Our students gain entry to a wide range of courses at universities and institutions in Australia and overseas, and examinations are important as a passport to further inspiring possibilities. 

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In 2020 from a cohort of 77 IB & HSC students:


GEORGIe forrest 

ATAR 96.10

2020 has been a year like no other so receiving my ATAR was more than a measure of academic success, it was a milestone representing just how much I’d learnt and grown as a person during my final year at Queenwood.

I coupled creative subjects with Mathematics and Economics to ensure I had a well-rounded education. My Visual Arts major work was a creative outlet, giving me time to reflect on the contemporary world and my place within it. My involvement in sport showed me the strength of teamwork and helped me forge lasting friendships. One of the most important lessons Queenwood taught me was the power of perspective. Social Justice Club reminded me of the value of listening to the stories of others and standing with them as they face their own challenges. The dedication and enthusiasm of my teachers and their inspiring lessons expanded my outlook on the world and thanks to them I have an enormous breadth of opportunities open to me for future study. I am proud to say I have completed my HSC in 2020 and will always be grateful for my education at Queenwood.



ATAR 99.95 
IB SCORE 45/45

I have loved the endless opportunities I’ve had at Queenwood to explore and foster my passions for learning and engaging with others.

Through my role as a Social Justice Prefect and with support from teachers and staff, I have been exposed to a richness of perspectives and knowledge which have led me to grow as a learner and a global citizen. I have learnt so much about the importance of not only helping others, but importantly engaging and listening to their stories to best achieve shared goals and form lasting connections.

Additionally, through encouragement to pursue my passion for STEM and step outside my comfort zone both inside and outside the classroom, I have gained invaluable experiences that have nurtured my passions and challenged and extended me in many ways. Now that I have completed Year 12, I will study Biomedical Science at the University of Melbourne, with the intention of completing postgraduate studies in Medicine.

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