Indigenous Connections

The best learning is through human connections, sitting together, listening and sharing…

We acknowledge the Cammeraigal people  who are the Traditional Custodians of the Land on which our school now stands. We acknowledge our gratitude that we share this Land today, our sorrow for the costs of that sharing, and our hope that we can walk together towards peace and justice.

Queenwood is committed to education as a means of seeking justice, peace and prosperity for all. In our school and community, we wish to deepen understanding of the histories and worldviews of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, celebrate the richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and contribute to the ongoing development of Australia through our connection with the world’s oldest continuous living cultures.





Queenwood is a wonderful site for a school; close to the ocean but set back from the water and protected by the cove.



For young people to understand and appreciate Australia’s First Peoples (our mob) is something I feel is important to us all. If Aboriginal Ways are part of our education from the very earliest age then as adults, we are more likely to live respectfully on this land, the land that holds the world’s oldest living culture. Aboriginal lore is passed on through the generations using ceremony, art, song, dance and storytelling. The depth of the culture is accessible in stages. As we learn, we grow and are able to learn more. This is not unlike the system of education in mainstream Australia, however cultural learning is integrated into life and our living environment, more than structured into lessons in classrooms.

How we experience our environment is crucial to how we learn to know and respect our place and then learn to respect other people’s places. Learning about ‘place’ and respect for personal space is a vital cultural competency for everyone. As we walk on country we walk through the seasons and we see, hear, touch, taste and feel what comes with each season. 

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