International Applicants

Enrolment steps



Prior to interview, international applicants will require:

  • a Birth certificate;
  • a copy of a valid passport with visa type, sub-class and expiry date or proof of Australian Residency;
  • a NSW Immunisation Certificate;
  • proof of competency in English — AEAS Results (for applicants from non-English speaking countries);
  • a recent school report; and
  • accommodation and guardian information if not living with parents.


Queenwood accepts permanent resident visas (eg. 456, 457) and skilled worker visas (eg. 186, 187, 188). Queenwood cannot accept student visas (eg. 500). Evidence of a valid visa must be provided before an applicant can progress to an interview with the Principal.

English Proficiency

International applicants on permanent resident or skilled worker visas for whom English is a second language must have their English language assessed. Tests can be arranged by the applicant at their own expense through AEAS Applicants must reach prescribed standards of English in reading, writing, listening and speaking, to be accepted as students at Queenwood.

In order for an application to progress at Queenwood, the following levels of English proficiency MUST be reached:
  • Years 10 – 12, Advanced Level above 80%
  • Years 7 – 9, Pre-Advanced Level above 71%
  • Years 4 – 6, Intermediate Level above 46%.

Applicants should arrange for AEAS to send the a copy of the results. If the applicant does not meet the threshold, AEAS may recommend intensive English Language study (ELICOS) that students require prior to commencing formal school studies; at the conclusion of this course, the applicant may re-sit the test and apply for later entry at Queenwood. Queenwood may, at times, request additional testing at the School if required.

Queenwood does not offer course credit. Entry into any course is subject to the assessment of the School. This also applies to on-shore school transfers of students on international visas either within NSW or ACT or from interstate.

To arrange a test visit,

Tours and Interviews

If your family is domiciled in Australia, then please follow the usual application procedure. Families applying from overseas should contact the to arrange a visit to the School during their next trip to Sydney.

Families must submit an application form prior to arranging a tour of the School or an interview with the Principal. Interviews with the Principal can be conducted via Skype if required; both parents and daughter/s should be present at the interview. All interviews are conducted in English.

Medical Requirements

It is recommended that international applicants arrange private health insurance until they are able to obtain a Medicare Number. To obtain a Medicare Number, families must complete the Medicare Enrolment Form (click here) and then visit a NSW Medicare Office to register. This can be completed following your relocation to Sydney.

Applicants must forward a NSW Health Immunisation Certificate. This can be obtained by taking the immunisation record from your country of origin to a doctor (General Practitioner, GP) in New South Wales who will review the record and issue a NSW Immunisation Certificate. For further information (click here). For information in Chinese (click here).


The fees for international students are the same as the fees published for domestic students. Please note that international applicants may incur additional costs including:

transfer fees that must be paid by the applicant when arranging payments by electronic transfer from international accounts; and AEAS test fees.



The Queenwood Admissions Department works directly with families. No agents please.