Teachers regularly assess students in terms of the effort they put into their schoolwork. Effort is crucial to success and to assist students to rise to their potential we need to help them find the right kind of motivation. So which type of motivation are we talking about? Intrinsic motivation? Extrinsic motivation? Or perhaps a combination of both?

Spotlight On: Queenwood Parents' Association

13 August 2018

We are assisted in many practical ways by the QPA, which organises social events, actively welcomes new families into our community, provides practical services like second-hand uniform sales, raises funds for equipment and programs, offers assistance for school events and provides us with a useful sounding board.


Spotlight On: Big Ideas

7 August 2018

At Queenwood we are committed to tackling big ideas – even those we find deeply uncomfortable – and judging from the presence in the Balmoral Lecture audience of so many young people, including those of primary age, our parents are too.


Spotlight On: Subject Selection

7 August 2018

We have developed a number of processes to assist girls in easing this cognitive and emotional load. The first thing to ensure is that girls have all the information they need to assist in making their choices.


Spotlight On: International Programs

25 June 2018

One of the richest experiences that we can provide our students is the opportunity to experience a different culture, language, history and community through travel – both within Australia and especially internationally.


Spotlight On: Visual Arts

19 June 2018

Art depends on skills which can be taught and does not demand talent as a prequisite.


Spotlight On: Wellbeing

5 June 2018

In the Junior School we have implemented a Wellbeing Program for K-6 this year. The program provides a smooth transition to the Senior School Wellbeing Program which has been in place for a number of years.


Spotlight On: Rote Learning

14 May 2018

Rote-learning can be viewed as old-fashioned but it is one of the most efficient methods of securing information in long-term memory.


Spotlight On: Deep Knowledge

11 May 2018

Military history and high educational policy came together this week, which marked the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic. In our Senior School assembly we commemorated the lives lost in what Churchill regarded as the greatest peril of the entire war.


Spotlight On: Setting Boundaries

10 April 2018

When parents do set boundaries, one of the most unnerving responses from their daughter is: 'But everybody else is doing it.' This can pose a real dilemma.


Spotlight On: Civil Discourse and Education

6 April 2018

The 2018 Balmoral Lecture series was launched on Wednesday 21 March by Minister Rob Stokes who delivered a talk entitled ‘Challenging the STEM Orthodoxy’.