Spiritual Values

We believe that young people are hungry to ask big questions

The founders of Queenwood were women of deep conviction who expressed their Christian faith in their work of educating girls and young women for lives of purpose and service.

Queenwood was established in 1925 as a Christian, non-denominational school.

Despite the sectarianism which dominated Australian society at the time, their approach was from the beginning one of inclusiveness and respect for all. They established links with local churches from different denominations, some of which continue today, and the values they adopted for the School – ‘Truth, Courage, Service’ – are universal. We are constantly searching for truth, wherever it can be found; we seek the courage to speak that truth; and we aim to serve, whatever our beliefs may be.

At Queenwood, we acknowledge that people of different religions (and none) have much in common, and also that all religions are not the same: each has its own unique world-view. There is no chapel or specific religious education within the curriculum, but there are opportunities to learn about the great religions of the world. No one religion is set forward as the only one, no-one is made to feel inferior because of their beliefs and no-one is asked to profess something they do not believe.

Great art, music and literature are to be valued, whatever the source. There are, however, opportunities for the community to experience the liturgies, hear the words, see the art and hear the music valued by Christians. There are opportunities to hear why Christians believe their message is true and liberating, whilst acknowledging that not all people will reach the same conclusion.

Assemblies are set within a framework which has elements of traditional Christian worship: hymns, readings, reflections and prayers. Once or twice a year, important communal events in the School calendar may be marked by a whole-school service at a local church or at school (eg Foundation Day or the Prefects’ Service) which girls are expected to attend, and we have a Christmas Carol service at the end of each year.

As a school which seeks to stretch each student in developing her intellect, and to challenge each student in developing her own moral compass, we actively invite engagement with the questions and debates which have claimed the attention of the greatest human minds. When a Christian or faith perspective is presented, each individual is encouraged to grapple with it critically.

Ultimately we believe that young people are hungry to ask big questions, that gathering together has something to offer those of all faiths and none, that a sense of the numinous is a deep, human characteristic, and that education is impoverished if it does not include an understanding of and access to the great traditions of human thought and spirituality.

When a Christian or faith perspective is presented, each individual is encouraged to grapple with it critically.