Teachers regularly assess students in terms of the effort they put into their schoolwork. Effort is crucial to success and to assist students to rise to their potential we need to help them find the right kind of motivation. So which type of motivation are we talking about? Intrinsic motivation? Extrinsic motivation? Or perhaps a combination of both?

Spotlight On: Managing Lives Online

17 May 2019

Explicit teaching about risks is important, but the real challenge is to find a way to cut through the cognitive barriers to make the advice real for teenagers in their own lives. The voices of peers are often heard more clearly, so our team spent some time working on how to increase these opportunities at school.


Spotlight On: Culture and Education

10 May 2019

Western education aims for a well-rounded personal education, rooted in the Classical Greek view advanced by Socrates in Plato's Republic. It is a student-centred view that focuses on examining our own lives and developing critical thinking skills. In contrast, Chinese education is mainly based on Confucian pedagogy within an exam-oriented system.


Spotlight On: Boredom

5 April 2019

A few years ago, some researchers put individuals in a comfortable but sparsely furnished room with nothing to do. It was boring. Participants were, however, also given a device to administer electric shocks. It turns out that 67% of men and 25% of the women tested would rather give themselves painful electric shocks than sit with their own thoughts for 15 minutes.


Spotlight On: Perfectionism

29 March 2019

Both at home and school the girls must be provided from an early age with opportunities to experience failure safely. It is also important not to rush in to fix problems for them, despite the desire to see them happy and thriving at all times.


Spotlight On: Numbers

19 March 2019

An area of focus for this year is numeracy development, particularly deepening girls’ number sense. While it is really satisfying to use calculus to find the equation of a tangent to a cubic polynomial in Year 12, you can’t do that if you can’t add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.


Spotlight On: The Impact of Parental Engagement on Students’ Success

11 March 2019

Formal education is one of the many ways that children learn and develop but even before they walk through the school gates, experiences at home and within the community start a child’s learning journey and will continue to have a significant impact throughout their entire life.


Spotlight On: A Truly Independent Education

5 March 2019

Most of what we do know about learning comes from a trial-and-error approach in cognitive psychology. Basically, researchers try something out, see if the kids learn from it and then build a theory about what might be going on underneath. The results are fascinating and increasingly robust, but it’s psychology and not neuroanatomy. There is much we don’t know, and which we have no reasonable prospect of knowing.


Spotlight On: The Best Teachers

25 February 2019

If you were asked what quality you would most like your daughter’s teacher to have, would you favour kindness or intelligence?


Spotlight On: Single-Sex Education

18 February 2019

There are myriad ways in which a Queenwood education is shaped by our single-sex learning environment. You won’t be surprised to know that we think (and write) about this rather a lot; but in this newsletter, I will focus on just one aspect: confidence. 


Spotlight On: The Joy of Gratitude

12 February 2019

Defining gratitude is not easy. It is more than a synonym for thanks. It plays an important role in many spiritual traditions as well as in the modern positive psychology movement.