Like many of her friends, Year 10 student Penny Jin used to love reading when she was in primary school. But a busy schedule and change in priorities meant her love of books slowly waned.

That changed over the past two years after her school, Queenwood School for Girls in Mosman, introduced a mandatory 20 minutes of reading for all 900 students at the same time every day, regardless of what class they were in.

Spotlight on: The Paralympics

3 September 2021

I have been delighting in the Paralympic Games, perhaps even more that I was in the Olympic Games. The competition realises the foundational vision of the Olympics as an amateur event that brings different cultures together to celebrate unity.


COVID-19 Update

27 August 2021

The Premier outlined today a plan for return to face-to-face schooling, along with some changes to the timing of the HSC examinations. It is likely that Queenwood will take the same approach as that outlined this morning and, if so, it would look like this.


Spotlight on: Looking forward

20 August 2021

As our students step out into the world as young women, we are interested not just in what they can do, but who they will become. Together with our families, we work to shape the character of future generations to ensure they are equipped and motivated to make a difference in the world. For that reason, the School values remain at the heart of our mission.


Spotlight on: Bright Spots in Dark Times

13 August 2021

We are conscious that, alongside the young people, parents and staff are dealing with significant challenges, as they juggle work commitments, childcare, lesson supervision and a whole range of COVID complications affecting our professional and personal lives. Supporting the wellbeing of the community is therefore at the front of our minds.


Spotlight On: Rituals

6 August 2021

Every school has rituals, ceremonies and stories that reflect underlying values and contribute to culture. Rituals are habits that provide clarity and structure while ceremonies tend to be singular events that provide points of celebration, recognition, or symbolise important change.


Spotlight On: Optimism

30 July 2021

Wellbeing is at the forefront of our minds. Teachers across the School are planning group activities and working with the girls individually to help the whole community stay active, focused and positive.


Why did the Spanish Influenza of 1918 disappear from cultural memory for so long?

28 July 2021

Reflecting on our contemporary pandemic, Year 12 student Alexandra Harrop, investigated the cultural memory and legacy of the Spanish flu, which coincided with World War I. In her fascinating and thought-provoking essay, Alexandra asks important questions about how and why we remember and value some tragedies over others, and what this means for the cultural legacy of our own experiences during a pandemic.


Spotlight On: What does it really mean to be a Queenwood girl?

23 July 2021

When I arrived at Queenwood Junior School at the beginning of this term, I informed the girls in my first morning video announcement that one of the many things I was looking forward to at Queenwood was forming a clear understanding about what it really means to be a Queenwood girl.


Spotlight On: Carrying On

16 July 2021

Assessments and homework expectations are adjusted, Just Read is more important than ever and we are emphasising with the girls the things that underpin their own wellbeing: exercise, healthy sleep patterns, good food, well structured days and so on.


Spotlight On: Learning Better

4 June 2021

Broad and deep knowledge is the basis of critical thinking. Those who already know a lot about the subject have easier access to concepts or ways of thinking that might prove useful in solving the current problem. They can also direct all their thinking capacity (which experts call ‘working memory’) to more complex aspects of the problem because they’re not struggling to remember the basics.