Sydney school leaders share their hopes for 2024

16 February 2024

This article first appeared in the The Daily Telegraph - NewsLocal on Friday 16 February, 2024
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School’s back for another year and Sydney’s brightest, creative and talented students are leading the way to motivate their peers as captains.

Leaders from year 6 and 12 across the city’s public and private schools have shared what they are looking forward to most in the new year, and what they hope to achieve as school leaders.

Chloe J – Head Prefect

I decided to pursue this position simply because I love my school! I love nothing more than being involved with the girls, helping to co-ordinate school activities and events with my teachers, and above all, being able to give back to a community that has always supported me in my own pursuits.

My main passions at school are in human biology and chemistry. I love learning about all the amazing things that happen in our world and within our own bodies. I hope to someday pursue a career in these fields.

My goal for this year is to create a long-lasting positive impact on the school as a collective, and on girls as individuals. I greatly aspire to be like the older girls in my own life who have left an encouraging influence on me.

Penelope J – Vice Head Prefect

I am incredibly honoured to serve as Vice Head Girl at Queenwood for 2024. Alongside, a strong body of prefects, captains and dedicated executive staff, Chloe and I work to represent student voice. The role includes frequent meetings, assembly speeches and initiative planning, all of which are undoubtedly important, but at the heart of the position is to foster a school community that inspirits each girl to be resilient and brave in reaching her fullest potential (Per Aspera ad Astra!)

I was encouraged – and largely inspired – to apply for a prefect position by girls in the years above me. Compassionate, energetic and productive in their leadership, I remember the senior students that made me feel welcome as I was finding my footing in high school. It is their example that motivates me and I hope to follow in their footsteps to ensure every girl feels seen and valued, just as I was!

This year, with the support of the Class of 2024, our leadership team is focused on fostering the vibrant and inclusive sisterhood at Queenwood. This looks like encouraging strong connections within each cohort, but also between the year groups so younger girls feel welcomed and empowered to approach senior students and vice versa. We’re looking forward to events – such as Galentine’s Day in mid-February – that celebrate female friendship and encourage a culture where young women support one another.