Like many of her friends, Year 10 student Penny Jin used to love reading when she was in primary school. But a busy schedule and change in priorities meant her love of books slowly waned.

That changed over the past two years after her school, Queenwood School for Girls in Mosman, introduced a mandatory 20 minutes of reading for all 900 students at the same time every day, regardless of what class they were in.

Spotlight on: Technology

1 April 2022

As adults, we can all recall our own experiences as a teenager, including both moments that we would happily revisit and others we would like to forget. Could you imagine being a teenager today? Could you imagine if every one of these moments were recorded and shared on social media? 


Spotlight on: The Gift of Time

25 March 2022

Life is busy! With memories of online remote learning still etched in memory banks, crowded family calendars and work schedules, it might seem insensitive or unreasonable to remind parents about the importance of spending time with their daughters. 


Spotlight on: Fresh Eyes

18 March 2022

Fresh eyes can see things we overlook or have become distanced from. Each year, new students and staff come to Queenwood and see it through a new lens. There will be new people, buildings, routines, priorities and rituals and it is natural to compare this to previous experiences. 


Spotlight on: Women's Voices

11 March 2022

When the Year 1 girls sang I Can Be Anything in a recent Assembly and each student went on to share the profession she’d like to pursue in the future, it seemed that nothing could get in the way of their goals. In a girls’ school and in a community where girls come from families where women make significant decisions and effect change (girls are very observant!), it is understandable that the girls are likely to feel confident about their future.


Spotlight on: Senior Pathways

4 March 2022

We are indeed fortunate to be able to offer our students the opportunity to choose either the HSC (Higher School Certificate) or the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) for their senior studies at Queenwood. However, with opportunity comes choice and students and parents are understandably keen to make the right decision.


Spotlight On: Resurgence

25 February 2022

It has been a wonderful start to the term. We have gradually been resuming activities that have been suspended for nearly two years and, to quote Mrs Sandwell, ‘It feels like the School is coming back to life!’.


Spotlight on: The Importance of School Connectedness

21 February 2022

There is no doubt that your daughter thrives when she feels a strong sense of connection with her closest friends. Their experiences together teach them about honesty and trust and help to build their sense of identity and self-esteem. Yet our young people need more than their closest friends, and more than their “besties”.


Spotlight on: Self Leadership

11 February 2022

Self-leadership is the key to the change we need to see. Our girls are acutely aware of the changes that have beset their world over the past two years; even the younger girls speak about the constant adjustments required to adapt to current expectations and guidelines. A rapidly changing world has become a reality.


Spotlight on: Independence

4 February 2022

Each school year marks another stage in the journey towards independence. This is most obviously seen in Kindergarten, as their life outside the home becomes more dominant, and in Year 12, on the cusp of adulthood and all its responsibilities. But in fact, it is true for girls of every age.


Spotlight on: Farewells

1 December 2021

Thank you all for your support over this most unexpected year. We are truly fortunate to enjoy such strong bonds within our Queenwood community and even though we could not gather in person for the final events this week, the sense of connection has remained palpable.