Strokes of genius

27 July 2023

Queenwood Rowing is experiencing its most successful year in its 31st year history with the selection of 5 individual Queenwood rowers who will compete together in the Junior Women’s Coxed Four at the U19 World Championships in Paris.


Spotlight On: Sisterhood

8 September 2023

Sisterhood extends beyond shared pride in the big moments and seeps into the day-to-day. It's the locker room banter, laughter over coffee, the conversations caught between (or in) classes, and the assurance of a shoulder to lean on when the world feels heavy.


Spotlight On: Healthy Competition

1 September 2023

Competition is a natural part of life, and it's something we all experience from a young age. Whether it's playing a game with friends, participating in sports, or even working on school projects, competition helps us learn, grow, and become better versions of ourselves. But what exactly is healthy competition, and why is it important for our girls at Queenwood?


Spotlight On: Science of Motivation

25 August 2023


This article first appeared in Queenwood Weekly News on Friday 25 August 2023.


Spotlight On: Living for Yourself

18 August 2023

Now that the bulk of my high school years are behind me, I will treasure dearly all the memories I’ve made, both pleasant and painful, with the people I’ve met. The invitation to attend the Senior Service, a simple email, was a stark reminder for me that all people, places, and things in our lives have a shelf life. So why spend that precious, irreplaceable time being someone you’re unhappy with?


Spotlight On: The Logic of English

10 August 2023

Sometimes, it can be painful to reflect on past practice, especially when we know better. But, with a firm belief in the warmth of our Queenwood community, I’m going to share a story.


Spotlight On: Pushing the Bounds of Human Knowledge

4 August 2023

In an era when search engines and artificial intelligence can answer questions instantly and with increasing credibility, should we still consider this daunting task to be a worthwhile endeavour? Both academic research and the lived experience of our Queenwood students would suggest so. For students in the short term, research demonstrates that completing an extended essay can be a statistically significant contributor to academic success at university.


Spotlight On: Sticky Knowledge

28 July 2023

At Queenwood we have long recognised the benefits of building background knowledge as a foundation for life and key to further inquiry often through reading. We are committed to providing our girls with a liberal education.


Spotlight On: Welcome Back

21 July 2023

A warm welcome to Term 3, especially to new families joining Queenwood. We hope you have had plenty of time to rest and recuperate after an eventful Term Two. As a school we have become expert in finishing a term with a flourish, whether it be House Music Festival or farewell events for Ms Stone.


Spotlight On: Farewell

16 June 2023

It has been an honour to lead the School over the last nine years, and I leave it in good hands now, with Mrs Belinda Moore as Acting Principal and then, in January, our new Principal Mrs Marise McConaghy. As the School grows ever stronger under their leadership, I will be watching your daughters’ progress from afar and cheering them on with great affection.


Spotlight On: Connections that Age

9 June 2023

Age is used to group people. It is often used to categorise individuals by skills and interests, as at school. For the most part, this makes sense. It would be strange to have a Kindergartener working in the classroom with a Year 12.