Like many of her friends, Year 10 student Penny Jin used to love reading when she was in primary school. But a busy schedule and change in priorities meant her love of books slowly waned.

That changed over the past two years after her school, Queenwood School for Girls in Mosman, introduced a mandatory 20 minutes of reading for all 900 students at the same time every day, regardless of what class they were in.

Spotlight on: Patience is QUTE

26 November 2021

Patience, the capacity to delay gratification, empowers students to avoid temptations and focus on learning. It is this patience that allows them to withstand failure, have faith their efforts will eventually be rewarded, and persevere.


Spotlight on: Service

19 November 2021

As with most things, gaining some distance from high school has made me better appreciate the lessons I was taught, and the opportunities I was given at Queenwood. I am only two years out of school and already I can see the impact that the Social Justice Programme had on me. I see it in my engagement with the world around me, and my ability to navigate new challenges and connections with people.


Spotlight on: Volunteering

15 November 2021

Does the idea of volunteering make you want to run away? With most of us leading super busy lives, giving your time and energy to a cause without financial reward may seem an impossible and meaningless task. However, volunteering is important for many reasons and doesn't have to take up too much time. 


Fee-relief aims to discover curious characters

12 November 2021

From build-your-own ­scholarship enthusiasms to broad liberal arts passions, some schools cast a wide net.  


Spotlight on: Failure By Design

8 November 2021

As they explore a brief, students must become adept at failing, they must embrace it wholeheartedly. So, what do we teach in design? We teach the art of problem solving. We teach the skill of learning through robust exploration. We teach students to grow ideas based on targeted research and rigorous testing. We teach students to see a path forward when the road they were on leads to an impasse.


Spotlight On: Why teaching Early Literacy is so important

29 October 2021

Research shows how important it is to take an explicit approach to the teaching of early literacy if students are to flourish. Together we can develop these early literacy skills as a vital foundation upon which to build further skills. Getting this right from the beginning is essential.


Spotlight on: Sustainability

22 October 2021

Environmental issues loom larger than ever now and our students have many opportunities to learn about these issues, from simple ways to reduce energy use in Kindergarten to global climate or sustainable urban environments in Year 12. Just as importantly, girls have the opportunity to take action and learn how to translate ideas into action. 


From The Principal

11 October 2021

A week may be a long time in politics, but a day is an eternity in a pandemic. Things are moving very quickly again and I am grateful for the engagement and support of our parent community in recent days as we have worked with you to formulate our response.


From The Principal

16 September 2021

At a time when it is tempting to focus on what we are missing out on, perhaps we can encourage our girls to consider with gratitude what they have been given in abundance. And of course, this is when our School motto comes into its own: Per aspera ad astra – Through struggles to the stars!


Spotlight on: Miss Beatrice Lilias Rennie

10 September 2021

This week marks the 50th anniversary of Miss Beatrice Lilias Rennie’s passing on the 4th of September 1971. Miss Rennie has been remembered for her air of strength and leadership and her infectious love of literature.