Recently appointed Head of English, Mr Dylan Chalwell, brings a wealth of experience and energy to the faculty. Ms Rebecca Birch, Director of Research & Practice, interviewed Mr Chalwell to uncover his opinion on what it is that makes the experience of reading literature so special, in an age of near-constant reading via texts, social media and mindless scrolling.

Spotlight On: Commemoration & Celebration

16 September 2022

This morning, we celebrated the School’s 97th birthday. It is the only occasion in the year when the whole School gathers together and we began by taking a few moments to honour and give thanks for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her remarkable life of dignity, dedication and service.


Spotlight On: The unexpected delights of volunteering

9 September 2022

This unexpectedly meaningful experience radically changed my perception of what volunteering means.


Spotlight On: Boundaries, Basics and Boredom

2 September 2022

In a School with a smorgasbord of cocurricular, organised activities known to benefit cognitive, physical, cultural and social development, it may seem incongruous to suggest that it is beneficial for young people to be bored.


Spotlight On: Wellbeing – what does it look lik?

26 August 2022

As the Director of Well-being, I wish I had a magic wand that would ensure happiness for all, but that is not the reality.  The well-being of a child is never one-dimensional.


Spotlight On: The Power of Theatre in a Village

19 August 2022

It is a fact that we can use our voice to create change. This could involve speaking from behind a lectern about an issue which concerns us, or it might mean reflecting the world of the unthinkable in front of our eyes.


Spotlight On: Careers – supporting our young people

12 August 2022

I never imagined as a 17-year-old that my own career would be so convoluted. It began with a somewhat disastrous choice of tertiary study but I have landed in the perfect role - one which didn’t exist when I left school.


Spotlight On: Next steps in learning - Junior School Reports

5 August 2022

With Junior School Parent/Teacher meetings this week, School Reports have been a regular topic of conversation within and among our families. School Reports are received by parents with mixed feelings – delight and pride if their daughter is performing well and concern if their progress is not as expected. 


Spotlight On: Flow

29 July 2022

Often when discussing a daughter’s education and experiences at school, parents will indicate that their daughter’s happiness is high on their list of priorities. 


Spotlight On: Courage

22 July 2022

In the course of this week, there has been much talk about leadership and this prompted one of the senior girls to ask me what lessons I’ve learnt about it. 


Spotlight On: Holidays

24 June 2022

We made it to the end of term but the girls are tired! We are also seeing high levels of illness at the moment – more from influenza than from COVID-19 – and this underlines the need for some proper rest in the upcoming holidays.