​School leaders from across Sydney have shared their hopes for 2024, from vying for class dux to aspiring heart surgeons and talented athletes including our very own Head Prefect Chloe J and Vice Head Prefect Penelope J.

Strokes of genius

27 July 2023

Queenwood Rowing is experiencing its most successful year in its 31st year history with the selection of 5 individual Queenwood rowers who will compete together in the Junior Women’s Coxed Four at the U19 World Championships in Paris.



How one Sydney school got students reading in the social media age

27 May 2022

Like many of her friends, Year 10 student Penny Jin used to love reading when she was in primary school. But a busy schedule and change in priorities meant her love of books slowly waned.

That changed over the past two years after her school, Queenwood School for Girls in Mosman, introduced a mandatory 20 minutes of reading for all 900 students at the same time every day, regardless of what class they were in.


School project turns a vintage ute into a solar-powered electric vehicle

26 April 2022

Building the QUTE is a hands-on, environmentally friendly exercise where students are supported in turning a vintage 40-year-old ute into a solar-powered electric vehicle that will be used for school deliveries, using reclaimed parts and applying newly acquired skills as they go. 


Fee-relief aims to discover curious characters

12 November 2021

From build-your-own ­scholarship enthusiasms to broad liberal arts passions, some schools cast a wide net.  


Why did the Spanish Influenza of 1918 disappear from cultural memory for so long?

28 July 2021

Reflecting on our contemporary pandemic, Year 12 student Alexandra Harrop, investigated the cultural memory and legacy of the Spanish flu, which coincided with World War I. In her fascinating and thought-provoking essay, Alexandra asks important questions about how and why we remember and value some tragedies over others, and what this means for the cultural legacy of our own experiences during a pandemic.


It's not rocket science - Just Read!

7 August 2020

Every parent I know would like their child to be an avid reader. Who doesn’t want their child to have better vocabulary, comprehension, writing, general knowledge, conceptual ability and even, in the case of reading fiction, greater empathy and better interpersonal skills? But making that aspiration a reality is hard, and getting harder.


Spotlight On: Why All Children Need School

19 June 2020

I have the clearest memory of watching my two-year-old son exploring the back garden. A very thin twig was poking out from the hedge. He picked up a rock about the size of my fist and slowly, with infinite care, he held the rock gently on the top of the trembling twig… and let go. The rock thumped to the ground, and my son learnt something about gravity and the relationship between the diameter and strength of a tree branch.


Failing Safely

7 March 2020

It is dangerous to generalise about boys and girls because there are children everywhere who defy the stereotypes. Nevertheless, one tends to have specific conversations with boys or girls over and over again.


One School's Bold Plan To Get Teenagers Reading

12 January 2020

With the school's own research showing almost a third of Year 7 and 9 girls read for pleasure less than once a week, there was a "sense of urgency" to stem the decline, Ms Stone said. So from next year, the whole school will spend 20 minutes a day reading for pleasure.


BYO Scholarship: An Innovative Path To Excellence

11 July 2018

The Build-Your-Own (BYO) Scholarship seeks to identify uniquely gifted and talented students who may otherwise go unrecognised.