Year 7 Pyjama Party

28 January 2018

Year 7 are feeling quite at home, thanks to a fun-filled night spent in cubby houses in the Astra Theatre. 

The evening began with slightly tentative discussion in tutor groups; it progressed to more confident chatter over pizza; and it became all out giggling punctuated by moments of serious concentration as the prefects helped Year 7 build cardboard cubby houses to sleep in overnight. They lazily awoke for a brief induction the next morning and were met by the Year 10 Peer Support Team who fed them lollipops so they had enough energy to visit every room listed on their timetable. After returning home for a long nap in the afternoon, the girls arrived the next day for their first day of school feeling very much at home.

Mrs Emma Macey
Director of Admissions

There was one lost shoe swiftly sorted by Mr Daunt Watney; there was one lost textbook fortuitously found by Mrs Goodwin; there was one lost tooth rapidly requisitioned by the Tooth Fairy; but there were no lost girls!