Education is a gift and from those to whom much has been given, much is expected

Queenwood are currently supporting the Salvation Army Digital Doorknock. 

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We seek to develop an understanding of our place in the world, as the first step to seeking justice, peace and prosperity for all.

We are internationally minded, developing in every student intercultural understanding and an awareness of contemporary social and political issues which complements and deepens understanding of our own cultural and national identity.

We have a strong outward focus, actively engaging students in debates, issues and cultures beyond our boundaries, and offering a range of experiences that generate meaningful links with people who have different lives and perspectives.

This goes beyond our rich language and student exchange programs to curricular, co-curricular and service programs that integrate deeper perspectives. Our partnerships locally and globally aim to create sustainable, long-term relationships with mutual engagement and learning as the foundation.

We aim to produce graduates disposed in heart and mind to serve others, and equipped to make a difference.

Some of our programs include: 50K for 50K, Care Australia’s Walk in her Shoes, Red Shield Appeal, Legacy Day, close links with Macleay Vocational College, Cambodia Teacher Training Program.