Extension & Support

We value each individual, working with students and their families to ensure that our programs meet their abilities and needs

Queenwood is committed to providing opportunities for all students to learn effectively and experience the rewards of achievement in the face of challenge. Our team of highly qualified, specialist staff works closely with classroom teachers and curriculum leaders to bring out the best in every girl. Our central priority is to meet the individual learning needs of every girl within the classroom context so classroom activities and assessments are adapted as required through close collaboration between by classroom teachers and specialists. Additional assistance or programs are provided beyond the classroom as required.


Every girl presents with a unique learning profile and history. The first step is to understand each girl through warm relationships, ready communication with families, comprehensive assessments and data analysis.

Our response is then carefully calibrated, ranging from differentiated support within a classroom to specific evidence-based programs to individualised education plans. Intervention may only be required for a few weeks or may be ongoing for those with more complex needs. 

Individual programs and interventions for specific students are also effectively integrated into the curriculum, particularly through programs such as our Literacy Enhancement courses in Years 8 and 9. 


Queenwood embraces and supports the concept of ‘giftedness,’ with the understanding that high-potential students have distinctive learning characteristics that deserve to be fully developed. 

Children demonstrating high levels of potential or achievement require a program – within the class setting or beyond – that challenges them in their pursuit of excellence and stimulates a lifelong hunger to learn. 

We apply a systematic framework to identify and provide for girls with high academic potential. We then build personalised adjustments that can range from participation in external extension programs and cocurricular activities, advanced differentiation within the classroom, to mentorship and specially designed projects to suit the girl’s interests and talents. 

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