Pastoral care at Queenwood begins and ends with respect for the individual. At each stage of their progress through the School, students are encouraged to develop resilience and build healthy relationships with those around them.

By nurturing personal growth in a supportive environment, Queenwood instils students with self-confidence and a willingness to take responsibility for their own actions.

Pastoral Care K to 12

For K to 6 students pastoral care is delivered through their classroom teacher. Our caring primary staff work with all students to support their needs. A School Counsellor and the Deputy Principal of the Junior School work with students and families in need.

In Years 7 to 12, students have a Year Coordinator who works with the whole group. They also have a tutor who meets with their tutor group every morning for roll call and every Wednesday for an extended tutor period. The tutor is the first point of call for parents and students for all pastoral and academic concerns.

In addition, three features of the Queenwood Pastoral Care program are: Peer Support, Peer Tutoring and Peer Mediation. These match older students with younger counterparts and contribute to bonding among students across different year groups.

In the Senior School additional pastoral care for students with special needs is delivered via The School Counsellor, the Careers Advisor, the Learning Support Team and the Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School.

At Queenwood a proactive approach to pastoral care includes:

  • comprehensive Wellbeing Programs for K to 12
  • the School Camp program for Years 3 to 11
  • Leadership Training
  • The Macquarie University Emotional Well Being Program – Years 7 to 11
  • Service Learning opportunities

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