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Set in the tranquil surrounds of Balmoral on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, Queenwood’s facilities are located on four campuses, each within a short walking distance from the others emphasising a different area of study.

The Junior School offers everything girls in their early formative years need, including well-equipped learning centres, play areas and a modern library and theatre.

Adjoining Balmoral Beach, Queenwood’s Art and Design campus gives girls the opportunity to draw inspiration from the natural marine and parkland surrounds of Balmoral.

The Lawrance Campus at 44 Mandolong Road is purpose-designed for Physical Education and Science teaching in senior years. Its features include a 25-metre pool specifically built for water polo, an all-weather court, five state-of-the-art science laboratories and a tiered lecture theatre able to accommodate an entire year group at a time.

The bulk of Senior School teaching is hosted at 47 Mandolong Road. Notable for a clean, contemporary design sympathetic to the residential surrounds, this campus offers outstanding educational facilities including specialist precincts for drama and music, a rehearsal and recording studio, and modern library and technology centres. The 600-seat Astra Theatre provides a central hub for school activities as diverse as soloist performances, lecturettes and dramatic productions.

Girls from Years 7 to 12 move easily between different campuses for specialist lessons, all the while developing a sense of responsibility for their learning and of belonging to the local community.

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