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    Welcome to all past students of Queenwood. Once your school years are over there is still much to be gained by continuing the association with your old school. The Queenwood Old Girls’ Association (QOGA) strives to keep the school spirit alive through its many activities from reunions, special events, morning teas, newsletters and artistic endeavours such as The Vision Art Shows and theatrical productions drawing together the many talents of Old Girls.

    The Association helps alumni remain in contact with classmates and network with one another. Class reunions are held regularly and Old Girls are able to make use of facilities at Senior Schools as a venue for their reunions.

    QOGA also assists in mentoring current students, particularly with work experience opportunities or simply by giving professional advice. Old Girls who return to school as guest speakers are inspirational. A number have been invited to be part of the School’s Speech Night held at Sydney Town Hall, where they represent the successes and achievements of so many Queenwood girls.

    Aims of the Association are:

    • To keep past students of the School in touch with each other, particularly members of the Association.
    • To support the School whenever necessary as a community and with fundraising activities.
    • To keep Old Girls informed of the School’s progress, success and development.
    • To provide information concerning activities of the Association, reunions and news of Old Girls.

    Current Committee Members

    • President- Mrs Rachel Davis
    • Secretary - Ms Nardia Darnell
    • Treasurer - Mrs Nicole Pettit
    • Member - Mrs Briony Tyquin
    • Member - Miss Susan Overall
    • Member - Ms Louisa Christie
    • Member - Mrs Susan Webb
    • Member - Ms Maddy Clegg
    • Member - Ms Katie Crichton
    • Guest - Ms Courtney Howitt

    If you have any queries regarding the Old Girls’ Association please do not hesitate to contact the Old Girls Office.

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    Contact Queenwood Email To: oldgirls@queenwood.nsw.edu.au Phone : +612 8968 7721
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    REUNIONS IN 2018

    If you require assistance planning your next reunion please contact the Old Girls office.

    QOGA is always happy to hear from members regarding ideas on social and fundraising events. Please contact the Old Girls office for more information or if you wish to attend a meeting.

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    Contact Queenwood Email To: oldgirls@queenwood.nsw.edu.au Phone : +612 8968 7721
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    Join the QOGA Committee

    QOGA is always looking for new Committee members to bring new ideas and more enthusiasm to the team. If you have a passion for events and are keen to reconnect with the Queenwood Community email us for more details.

    • Committee Meetings – all members welcome
    • Meetings take place at Senior School Reception.
    • General Meeting times will be posted at the start of Term 1

    Please contact the QOGA office for the  2017  meetings details – we welcome you to join us.

    Speaker Program
    During the year we invite speakers from various industries to come in and speak with the current students. We rely on our Old Girls and their professional expertise to give up their time and chat to the student about life after Queenwood.
    Should you wish to put your name down for future reference please contact the office via email: oldgirls@queenwood.nsw.edu.au

    QOGA has an extensive database that will allow you to find others in the same industry or with similar interests. We continuously try to gather as much information about our members as possible. This way we can put you in contact with others to network both professionally and personally. You can build your career famework or just find a friend to join you in your favourite hobby. Our aim is to keep you in touch with as many members as possible. Contact us for more details AND fill in the survey form so we can update your current details too.

    How can you become involved?

    • Support QOGA events
    • Reunions – add a little to the cost and donate to Queenwood
    • Volunteer for QOGA events
    • Become a member of the QOGA committee
    • Make a contribution

    Contact Queenwood for more details on donations.
    Thank you for your support.

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    Contact Queenwood Email To: oldgirls@queenwood.nsw.edu.au Phone : +612 8968 7721
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    Joining QOGA

    Membership of the Queenwood Old Girls’ Association is open to all students who have completed any schooling at the School. If you are not already a member of QOGA and would like to reconnect with the Queenwood Community and receive 2 copies of the Q News each year, please fill in the Membership form below.

    It is a lifetime membership that ensures you are up to date on the current students of Queenwood and your classmates from your year. Click here for the Membership Form

    Member Details and Survey

    Please update your current personal and professional details to allow us to keep our database upto date. Click on the Member Survey link to fill out and submit to Old Girls.

    Privacy Statement

    Your privacy is very important to QOGA. Please see our Privacy Statement to ensure you that we value your connection with Queenwood.

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    Our purpose is to prepare women for a life of purpose and contribution, and we are proud of our Old Girls who do this in a wide variety of fields. Our alumnae are also generous in their support of Queenwood and its students, and regularly come back to advise our girls on study and career choices or to speak in their areas of expertise. Below you will find some snapshots of the careers of Queenwood Old Girls

    Anna Chrisp


    Anna Chrisp, has made giant inroads into the world of international diplomatic affairs since leaving Queenwood. Here she tells how her love of languages and world view have shaped her career.

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    Maddie Clegg


    Maddie Clegg, took the time to answer some questions on her studies and career in biomedical engineering.

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    Rosie Lazar


    Rosie Lazar, is revelling in her studies at Oxford University in England, studying French and Linguistics at Christ Church in Oxford – Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages.

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    Kate Leaver


    In this profile you will learn about Kate Leaver … her experiences, inspirational people in her life and her hopes for the future. As Features Editor of Cosmopolitan Australia, Kate has a unique perspective on issues affecting women today.

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