Cambodia 50K Walk




    In 2009, two students returned; so touched by their experience in Cambodia that they wanted to do something within the Queenwood community to raise money. Gaby Royle and Anna Walker set to create an event that would increase funds for the Cambodia Schools Project – this is how the 50k for 50k came about.

    Gaby and Anna said “We were committed to initiating a long-term fundraiser for the Cambodia Schools Project that highlighted the Queenwood community’s willingness to sacrifice and actively participate in a project so close to so many students’ hearts. Inspired by the Oxfam Trailwalker, our goal was ultimately to commit to a highly challenging program of training in order to demonstrate Queenwood’s wholehearted commitment to the vital projects that the school supports in Cambodia. In a period in which parents are often overwhelmed by charity fundraisers, we thought that through launching an event that required months of training for a gruelling 50 kilometre walk, the student’s dedication to the cause would become self-evident. Furthermore, we wanted a program with clear goals: in 2011, we aimed to tile the floors of as many Cambodian classrooms as possible, to ensure that the schools could be used all year round. We have been incredibly moved by the Queenwood community’s dedication and commitment to “50k for 50k” and we have been overwhelmed by the response from girls, teachers, staff and parents. The response to this event has been incredibly humbling and we hope that the walk will continue to inspire the Queenwood community in years to come”.

    Where do the funds for Cambodia go?
    The designated funds from the 50K, 2012 amounted to a grand total of $43,826.25. This was an amazing feat and provides the Cambodia Schools Project with significant funds. The focus for fundraising was on the tiling of classroom floors in the 4 schools at the heart of the Project. We have just released funding for tiling of the remaining classrooms, for a steel canopy over the teachers dormitory to allow them to cook out of the rain and for tables and chairs for the student teachers. Last December some of these funds were released to provide a new roof for a classroom block that was leaking badly and required urgent replacement. In addition we have also funded a new toilet block. The provision of modern toilets has made a big difference to the retention of girls in the schools over the duration of our involvement in the Project. By providing this fundamental upgrade in facilities, we have, in a small but significant way made a positive contribution to supporting girls’ education in Cambodia. The 50K fund raising walk has become a significant calendar fixture in the life of Queenwood. We are looking forward to raising more funds this year so that we can continue to provide much needed resources and infrastructure to sustain the Project and to provide opportunities for expansion.

    Since 2007, Queenwood has organised tours of the region for Year 10 students that include a spell of service at the Cambodia Schools Project. Last December our Senior school students continued the tradition by teaching lessons in English and playing games with classes of Cambodian students in all four of the schools. The value of this intercultural exchange is reflected in these photographs that were captured by Lucy Dalton. Planning for this year’s tour is well under way and there will be an Information Night for parents of Year 10 girls on April 9.

    The main goal of the Project is to raise the standard of education in Cambodia. The chief method has been to provide Cambodian trainee teachers from the Kandal teacher training college, located on the site of one of the four primary schools, with programs that focus on western teaching methodology. This is largely provided by teachers from the five partner schools of which we are one. Since 2007, teachers from Queenwood Junior School have taught for a week, creating and delivering programs designed to link with the topics studied in the Cambodian schools and introducing and reinforcing approaches to education that go beyond ‘chalk and talk’. The selection of teachers from Queenwood Junior School is under way and I am hoping two teachers visit Cambodia again to teach demonstration lessons.

    Stephanie Bush, retired Junior School librarian is the most recent member of Queenwood staff to volunteer at the Project. Her aim, to establish a library system based on the Dewey Decimal System for the four schools is becoming a reality. She has introduced a basic borrowing and returning system for the students and has provided workshops for the school librarians, principals, senior staff and trainee teachers in addressing literature skills. The major obstacle has been the lack of a Khmer language edition of the abridged Dewey classification. However, we are determined to fund a translator to undertake this task and make the vision of providing an integrated library system a reality for the schools.

    The funds raised from the 50K walk were directed into the following areas:
    1) The extension of the Library project – developing library services
    2) Teacher professional development including the training of primary school teachers
    3) Resources for classrooms including stationery, Mathematics resources
    4) repairs to play areas at the schools and improvements to play equipment

    When the Queenwood group went over in December 2013 other areas were identified for the remaining funds. Eg. if a typhoon had damaged a roof, funds were made available for repairs.

    By raising funds for teaching resources, supplementary teacher training, renovating classrooms, improving libraries and providing new toilet blocks we are contributing to the raising of standards for Cambodian children and their teachers. The opportunities for our teachers to teach in Cambodia provide significant learning experiences which can result in lasting impacts on their approaches to teaching and learning. The opportunities for our students to interact with children from such a different cultural and socioeconomic background create intense experiences and make real the concept of service. The Project provides a model of excellence and with your ongoing support we continue to be a proud partner.
    Mr Nick Mavrogordato
    Cambodia Coordinator


    SIGN UP 30th MAY 2016!

    FOR A 50KM OR 25KM



    (25km parents and friends only)


    Wednesday 20th July 2016 6:00pm in the Astra Theatre

    • This not a race
    • This is a challenge to yourself and or your team
    • Set a goal and achieve that goal!
    • Raise money for a community in Cambodia that is not as fortunate as the Queenwood community
    • It is a community spirited event within Queenwood uniting students, teachers, parents and friends

    This event is open to:

    • Queenwood students Years 10 to 12
    • Queenwood old girls – contact Old Girls office -
    • Senior and Junior parents, siblings (Year 10 and over) and friends of Queenwood
    • All sponsors of the event and their friends
    • Students doing the Duke of Edinburgh – this is an approved event – see student page for more information

    It is a Queenwood Community event, some of you may have done the event before so whether or not you are challenging yourself again or just offering support this year we ask you to spread the word to family, friends and old girls.

    Whilst we do not want this walk to become commercial and want to keep it as a Queenwood Community event we do need the numbers to ensure that our on-going support is given to the Cambodian Schools Project.


    The 25km option is available to parents who are unable to commit to the 50km walk due to injury or time restraints.

    Please refer to “THE WALK” page for more details.



    Student bookings will be open on Monday 30th May 2016

    To take part in this event students must attend at least two of the school’s organised training walks.

    Students who cannot commit to the organised training walks due to other sport commitments must get a permission note from the sports department to allow them to take part.

    INFORMATION EVENING - Wednesday 20th July 2016 at 6:00pm, Astra Theatre

    Queenwood’s Year 10, 11 and 12 Students are invited to take part in the 50km Walk for the Cambodia Schools Project. Invite your friends and family to take part in this wonderful event. All the details of the event at located on ‘The Walk’ Page.

    Old Girls and their friends are also welcome to sign up.

    This walk is a charity walk and will take place on Friday 14th October 2016, departing from Palm Beach. Queenwood students must register with the teacher prior to starting the walk. The walk is expected to take between 11 and 14 hours and will finish back at Queenwood Lawrance Campus, where refreshments and a well deserved sausage sizzle will be served.

    Students taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh can count this event towards their award.

    If you decide to participate in this event please read the ‘Training‘ page about specialised fitness training sessions. It is important that you have the endurance to complete this walk and you will be expected to train in the holidays. The Queenwood fitness trainers are eager to assist you with a personalised training program at morning or afternoon sessions.

    Students will walk in small groups and staff will be supervising the walk and walking with you. In addition, support vehicles will supply you with water and food at key points on the walk. If anyone is injured or unwell, you will be transported back to school.

    50k for 50k caps will be available to purchase in 2016. These items are not compulsory, however,  they will unite the team in appearance and spirit. Don’t forget the logo was designed by a Queenwood student.

    To register please go to Trybooking on the 30th May or after. The registration fee is $60 and all proceeds are donated to the Cambodian Schools Project Fund.

    For more student information contact Ms Alicia Jacenko at

    Download the Preparation Guidelines for nutrition, first aid and gear advice - CLICK HERE




    Queenwood Junior and Senior parents and their friends are invited to take part in the 50km Walk for the Cambodia Schools Project.

    We are also offering a 25k walk for those parents who might be injured or don’t have much time to train.

    Please refer to “THE WALK” page for more details of the start location and time. You can register through Trybooking from 30th May 2016

    INFORMATION EVENING - Wednesday 20th JULY 2016 at 6:00pm, Astra Theatre

    The 50km walk is a charity walk and will take place on Friday 14th October 2016, departing from Palm Beach car park. The walk is expected to take between 11 to 14 hours and will finish back at Queenwood where refreshments will be served.

    If you decide to participate in this event please read the ’Training’ page about specialised fitness training sessions. It is important that you have the endurance to complete this walk and you will be expected to train both in organised walks and individually.

    On the day you will walk in small groups. Staff will be present to manage and in addition, support vehicles will supply you with water and food at key points on the walk. If anyone is injured or unwell, you will be transported back to Queenwood.

    To register please go to trybooking from 30th May.  Search for Queenwood and then Cambodia Walk. The registration fee for adults is:

    • $200 for the 50km or
    • $700 for a team of four if your register in one transaction
    • $150 for the 25km option

    All proceeds are donated to the Cambodian Schools Project Fund and not used for students or teachers visiting Cambodia.

    50k for 50k caps are available via Trybooking. This item are not compulsory, however, will unite the team in appearance and spirit. Don’t forget the logo was designed by a Queenwood student.

    Download the Preparation Guidelines for nutrition, first aid and gear advice – CLICK HERE



    Kate Prendiville (Parent Year 6 & 12)

    “The decision to participate in the 2012 Cambodia Walk allowed me to combine supporting a worthwhile cause with a personal Quest. Training for the 50km became a discipline . I enjoyed many training walks with friends, and even more on my own as it’s hard to schedule the time on the track with your own schedule let alone with everyone else’s!! The furthest distance I covered in training was 37km Palm Beach to Manly, and on the day of the Cambodia Walk I was just focussed on getting off my feet as fast as possible!! It was immensely satisfying to not only finish the 50km, but also be a part of a wonderful Queenwood community event”.

    Suzy Byrne (Parent Year 10)

    “I took the 50km challenge with the aim of keeping myself active instead of hibernating over the winter. We trained in a group and by race day parents from other year groups had become friends. Completing the course was a huge personal achievement and it gave me the confidence to jump in and have a go at other events. I’ve since completed a half-marathon and the mini-mos 10km and I am really looking forward to being part of it all again this year”



    INFORMATION EVENING - Wednesday 20th July 2016 at 6.00pm, Astra Theatre

    Download walking map here:  Cambodia 50K Walk Map

    50k Walk – open to Year 10 and over, parents and friends of Queenwood.

    • The route beings at North Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club car park 6am – look for the Queenwood flag.
    • The trek follows the coast line from North Palm Beach to Balmoral Beach and concludes at Lawrance Campus
    • You must Sign in / register from 5.45am and deposit your support bag into one of the numbered transport cars provided. You can access your bags at the lunch stop and again at the finish. Remember the car #

    25k Walk – adults only

    • The route beings at Dee Why Surf Club car park
    • Then follows the same route as the 50K
    • You must Sign in / register from 1200 to start no earlier than 12.30 – look for a Queenwood flag
    • Deposit your support bag into one of the numbered transport cars provided. You can access your bags again at the finish.

    You will be travelling over dirt tracks, paved path ways, sand beaches and suburban streets. You will have the opportunity to witness some of the world’s most scenic views whilst bonding with team mates, family and friends.

    Your personal / team challenge is supported by a team of teachers and parents at designated pit stops and check points (see map)  where you can stop to recharge on nutritional snacks, home baked muffins, energy drinks and water that have all been generously donated by our sponsors and parents.

    Please take time to view the following important information:

    1. Preparation Guidelines – CLICK HERE
    2. Event Details - CLICK HERE
    3. Walking notes  – CLICK HERE
    4. Remember to arrange transport to the start of the walk in advance – maybe a car pool.
    5. All checkpoints and pitstops are noted on the maps above.
    6. Emergency contact number will be supplied to you before the event.
    7. A cancellation procedure will be in place should the walk be cancelled. You will be made aware of this before the event.

    Queenwood is running 3 organised training walks on the lead up to the big day. The training walks are for students and adults.


    Students who cannot commit to the organised training walks due to other sport commitments must get a permission note from the sports department to allow them to take part.

    The purpose of the organised walks is to expose walkers to the arduous task ahead but also aim to:

    • Ensure a level of fitness is achieved before the event is undertaken
    • Expose the participants to different terrain and weather conditions before the event
    • Bond as a group in a common cause whether they be students, teachers or parents.
    • Parents are encouraged and welcome to take part in the organised training walks as well as do their own training to ensure the required fitness on the day

    It is recommended that an individual should undertake at least the following before attempting the main walk:
    2 x 5km walks
    2 x 10 km walks
    1 x 20 km walks

    Please note: All Queenwood students are required to complete 2 of the training walks organised by the school to ensure their safety in the main walk.

    The need to be disciplined about training is very important – particularly with the weather!! If you plan to walk for an hour on Wednesday afternoon, and Wednesday afternoon rolls around and it’s pouring – you still walk!! You never know what the conditions will be like on the actual day, so just get out there – a bit of rain never hurt anyone!!

    Attend the INFORMATION EVENING - Wednesday  20th JULY 2016 at 6.00pm, Astra Theatre for more tips.

    It’s about time on your feet – slowly build up the kilometres.


    All walks will be supervised by Queenwood staff. Walkers will need to organise their own dropoff / pickups for these training walks.

    Maps will be supplied on the day however they are also available on the ‘Walk’ page.

    Clothing for the walks

    • T-shirt – no singlet tops
    • Hats compulsory
    • School PE shorts or gym / walking 1/2 or 3/4 length pants. You must have appropriate shorts to prevent chaffing. If you wear PE shorts you should wear bike pants underneath.
    • Good socks
    • Walking shoes or runners – these should not be new

    1st Training Walk – SUNDAY 24TH JULY 2016

    • Palm Beach to Warriewood – 16km
    • Start – meet at Palm Beach SLSC at 8.30am
    • Finish – Warriewood SLSC
    • Estimated time – 4 hours

    2nd Training Walk – 21ST AUGUST 2016

    • Manly to Clifton Gardens – 21km
    • Start – meet at South Steyne SLSC at.8.30am
    • Finish – Clifton Gardens Reserve, Mosman, end of Morella Road
    • Estimated time – 5 to 6 hours

    3rd Training Walk – 18TH SEPTEMBER 2016

    • Warriewood to Spit Bridge – 31km
    • Start – meet at Warriewood SLSC at 8.30am
    • Finish – The Spit, outside Middle Harbour 16ft Skiff Club
    • Estimated time – 7 to 8 hours

    Queenwood also supports the event with their state of the art gym in Lawrance Campus. Mr Kozey and the gym instructors are standing by for any student to be assessed and have a personalised program organised for them for this event or any sporting goal they have.


    Queenwood 50k walk raises money for the Cambodia Schools Project


    By raising funds for teaching resources, supplementary teacher training, renovating classrooms, improving libraries and providing new toilet blocks we are contributing to the raising of standards for Cambodian children and their teachers.

    Junior and Senior school raise funds for the Cambodian Schools Project over and above the Walk during the year. The Charity Prefects work diligently all year to raise funds through imaginative events. An example of this is Silly Sock Day  - all Junior school students had the opportunity to wear silly socks to school to show their support for the girls and parents who are undertaking the 50km walk. They donated a gold coin and encouraged their family and friends to join the walk.


    Go to Trybooking  to sign up for an event that will challenge you mentally and physically.

    If you can’t join us physically but would like to support the event, you can make a donation or purchase a cap.

    Your help in aiding the students to reach their goal and help less fortunate students is very much appreciated.The students and community of Queenwood would like to thank you in anticipation of any donation or support that you can to give.

    Donating produce for the event is another way to give to the Project. If you or anyone you know are able to assist in donations such as food and drinks for the walkers please contact us:


    The 50k for 50k Queenwood Cambodia Walk is now in its 6th year and has become a very important community event on the Queenwood Calendar.

    Thank you to all the staff, parents and friends of Queenwood who have donated to this event – we could not succeed without your support.

    We would like to acknowledge Queenwood staff members who have given up their personal time to help students train and participate in the walk. Many staff members have been an integral part to the logistics of the event; whether it was through the training walks, encouragement throughout the walk or in the support crew, transporting gear and food.

    If you are interested in supporting this event by way of donating products, please contact us at

    This page is designated to acknowledge and deeply thank those who have helped to make the dream of two students a reality and hopefully ensure it’s success into the future.




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    INFORMATION EVENING - Wednesday 20th July 2016 at 6:00pm in the Astra

    Student contact:

    Ms Alicia Jacenko

    Parents and Friends:

    Click here for Trybooking