The sport program at Queenwood is designed to induce a life-long love of physical activity among students, while also providing new avenues for girls to achieve and stretch their personal horizons.

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Queenwood girls can participate in a wide variety of sporting activities. In doing so they learn the rules and strategies of their chosen sport, physical skills and prowess, physical fitness, and a love of sport.

Guiding the sports program is the principle that all sports undertaken should be enjoyable for participants, both from the intrinsic joy of movement and the sense of achievement gained when acquiring new skills or developing as a team or individual.

Queenwood acknowledges that competition plays an important role in galvanising team spirit and focusing effort. However, we do not believe an exclusive focus on winning is appropriate or productive. Rather, the Queenwood program is guided by the search for improvement, self-development and the realisation potential.

Training sessions for all sports are comprehensive and well balanced. They are conducted by qualified staff and will involve a warm up and cool down, physical fitness, skill development and modified games. While training should be challenging the participants, they are also structured so as to be fun and enjoyable.

All selection trial dates are posted on the PE notice boards and school newsletter. Results and news updates are posted on Twitter.
The School participates competitively in the following sports:

Term 1:
IGSSA Tennis, IGSSA Swimming and Diving, Rowing, Tildesley Shield Tennis, UNSW Water Polo, SIHA Indoor Hockey

Term 2:
IGSSA Basketball, IGSSA Soccer, Interschool Snowsports, AFL, IGSA Cross Country

Term 3:
IGSSA Hockey, IGSSA Athletics, IGSSA Netball, State Championships Snowsports

Term 4:
IGSSA Waterpolo, SIHA Indoor Hockey, Rowing, HKTA Tennis, NSTA Touch Football, IGSSA Gymnastics

Year-round extra-curricular activities offered include: Taekwondo, Yoga, Equestrian, Dance.

A list of draws and sporting venues is given to each girl at the start of the competition. Girls are responsible for checking each week that there are no changes.


Not all girls are driven to participate in sports that are competitive in nature.
In addition to the school sports program Queenwood’s offers a non-compulsory program designed to extend opportunities to all girls to participate in sporting activities that encourage fitness, teamwork and muscular endurance.

Non-compulsory activities are run all year round and include:

  • Dance – Dance classes which encourage both beginners and more advanced dancers to use dance and choreography to becoming fit and have fun with friends.
  • Taekwondo – combining self-defence skills with balance and coordination to provide girls with an alternative method of strength and fitness development.
  • Training Room @ Lawrance -
The Training Room at Lawrance is fully equipped with state-of-the-art cardiovascular and strength equipment, as well as free weights and stretching aids. The Training Room @ Lawrance is a free service available to all Queenwood girls during term time.
  • Yoga -
A beginner to intermediate level class allowing girls to develop flexibility and balance through traditional Yoga poses and static holds.

Girls may choose one or more of these non-compulsory activities and may even use them to complement their more competitive sport choices.

Queenwood’s coaches plan, implement and evaluate training sessions and coordinate and manage athletes at Saturday and midweek games.

AHIGS – Non Sporting Activities

AHIGS – Sporting Activities

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