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    Queenwood’s Junior School is where creativity and commitment come together to provide a safe, supportive learning environment for young minds. From Kindergarten to Year 6, girls are taught to embrace the excitement of gaining knowledge from multiple sources, while developing individual pursuits.

    Our primary curriculum is structured so that girls gain a deep understanding of diverse subjects, beyond the core English and Mathematics. Specialist teachers ensure girls pick up skills in Art, Music, Computing, Drama, French, and research and critical thinking at an early age.

    Importantly, the curriculum is adapted to the different needs of individual girls, so they can learn at their own pace and ability. Highly capable students have access to curriculum extension, honours courses and a Gifted and Talented program. Small group classes and one-on-one support are available to those students needing closer attention.
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    Queenwood Junior School places the highest priority on student participation and the integration of multiple disciplines to enhance learning. Curriculum is delivered in a creative way so as to ensure maximum student engagement.

    Mathematics and Spelling are streamed to ensure that students are working at a level suited to their ability while being challenged. Music, Drama, Language and Visual Art play an important role in developing cognitive abilities and deepening understanding of topics taught.

    A Learning Enhancement program is made available to students who require additional support while Learning Enrichment and Honours courses are extended to students achieving at a high level.
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    Welcome from Junior School

    In striving to provide the very best education for your daughter, Queenwood Junior School seeks to draw upon a tapestry of forward thought such as that provided here as we create a future for learners like Angelica who seek our guidance.

    Our future-focused school environment, both for students and staff, is one:

    • that is driven by a commitment to shared values and beliefs
    • where the core focus is on ongoing learning that is challenging, relevant, purposeful and engaging
    • in which imaginations flourish and passions are ignited
    • with a sense of community that allows all girls and teachers to feel secure, valued and able to take risks
    • that recognises each girl as an individual with her own special needs and a unique contribution to make
    • where girls and teachers are encouraged to think, wonder, question, explore, experiment, solve problems and collaborate together
    • where relationships are respectful and trusting and where communication is open and honest
    • in which strong home-school-community partnerships are fostered and where school walls are increasingly invisible
    • where the journey results in girls who are confident, successful, compassionate and committed global citizens of the world.

    I invite you to consider the exciting possibilities for your daughter and for yourselves within our school community, one that serves as a dynamic and inspiring model of the highest quality education for girls in these critical early years of their lives.
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