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At the beginning of Term 1 girls are issued with a homework diary. All girls are expected to do homework each day, as follows: approximately 15 minutes in Kindergarten, 30 minutes for Years 1 and 2, 45 minutes for Years 3 and 4 and 1 hour in Years 5 and 6.

Home reading is important for all girls.
Instrumental music practice is part of the homework allocation.

Parents are asked to guide their daughters if necessary, but not to do the work for them. If there is a reason homework cannot be completed, a note should be written in the diary. If your child has difficulty completing homework in the time allocation, parents should sign the diary and arrange a discussion with the teacher.


Students at Queenwood are expected to do homework, which may be in the form of:

  • Consolidating work done that day
  • Reviewing work at the end of a topic
  • Completing class work
  • Studying for tests and exams
  • Working independently on pending assignments
  • Reading
  • Researching independently
  • Practice to improve subject skills.

Students should expect that set homework tasks will be regularly checked by their teachers. Teachers will use various strategies to encourage and advise students in longer assignments. Students are expected to do homework each week night, and the average time spent on homework will vary. Most students need to complete tasks by allotting time on the weekend to school work.
As a guide the following weeknight average is considered appropriate:

Year 7: 1 hour
Year 8: 1/1.5 hours
Year 9: 1.5-2 hours
Year 10: 2 hours
Year 11: 2-3 hours
Year 12: 3-4 hours

All assignment tasks set for Years 7 to 10 must be handed in on the day and time set by the teacher. Students in Years 7 to 10 lose 10% for each day an assignment is late. After three days a 0 mark will be awarded. Special rules apply to girls in Years 10 to 12.

Students are issued with a handbook detailing all the requirements. Failure of a computer or printer is not considered a satisfactory reason for lateness.
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