About Queenwood


Queenwood was founded in 1925 as a school dedicated to girls’ education, which took the development of their minds and characters seriously, which would equip girls for an effective, purposeful and fulfilling life. Our buildings, our society and the lives of women have since been transformed, but this essential character has not changed.

The exceptional beauty of the School’s natural surroundings creates a tranquil and open environment which supports a calm and purposeful atmosphere for learning. Our approach to education is both structured and flexible, with a commitment to the rhythms and boundaries which provide the basis of effective learning and development, combined with freedom and responsiveness to individual needs and opportunities. A visitor to the School will therefore see everything from a traditional classroom with a teacher animatedly explaining an idea from the front, to a huddle of heads around an iPad as girls work collaboratively on an open-ended project. We embrace innovation and technology without allowing that to displace the most important element of good teaching: the quality of the relationship between the teacher and student. Our staff are highly qualified and dedicated, and are supported with excellent professional development and outstanding facilities. We are committed to the development of the whole child, and encourage each girl to engage with school life as much as possible. Respect, effort and contribution are some of our key values, and form the basis of the special sense of connection which is the hallmark of a Queenwood education.

Through involvement in a broad range of activities and experiences, girls experience the joys of teamwork and success. They also experience uncertainty, risk and a healthy quantum of stress which, with the right support, will develop the confidence and resilience which will equip them as young woman to move into the adult world. This approach is reflected in our motto: Per Aspera ad Astra (‘through struggles to the stars’).

At the same time, we encourage girls to look outward and develop connections with others, whether through their involvement in community service, the School’s long-term commitment to education projects in Cambodia or thoughtful reflection on their place in our community, nation and world.

We invite you to get to know us better – through this website and by personal visit. We look forward to welcoming you.