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    It is recognised that no matter how well a student does in her studies or performs on the playing field, what matters is how a person is equipped to stand in the world beyond school and family. It is intended that the education a student receives at Queenwood develops not only their academic, physical, social and artistic aspects, but also the skills to function as a responsible person in society.

    Learning leadership skills is an important part of the pastoral care program. Not all girls will be leaders in the traditional sense of the word, however, leadership skills – confidence, an ability to stand up for what is right, a sense of self are important in every person.

    Formal leadership opportunities occur at the following stages:

    • Year 6 – students have the opportunity to nominate for leadership of the Junior School in Year 6.
    • Year 12 – students in Years 10, 11 and 12 vote for Prefects in July/August each year. Year 11 students who are chosen attend a Prefect Camp before taking up their positions.
    • Year 12 House Captains
 – Year 11 students nominate for these posts and then Year 11 vote.
    • Student Representative Council – Years 7 to 11 students are chosen to represent their role group.
    • Year 10 – Peer Support leaders for Year 7 students.
    • Years 3 to 12 - Leaders of sports and co-curricular teams and clubs .

    All students have the opportunity to learn leadership skills via:

    • The personal development program.
    • The Year 10 End of Year Goal setting, service and leadership programs.
    • Year 9 Peer Support training.
    • The Year 9 and 10 Ethics, Service and TOK program.
    • The Junior School personal development program.
    • Peer Mediation training.

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  • Employment

    Being composed of students from each roll-call group, the Student Representative Council (SRC) represents all age groups at Queenwood. The Council has its own constitution, meets on a regular basis and organises projects and activities which meet the needs of Queenwood students.

    The SRC is coordinated by a member of staff but remains emphatically run by its elected students. Students own all of the SRC’s activities and decisions, and earn the credit for the good that the council does each year.

    While the SRC’s function does have some ongoing aspects, it regularly changes in response to the requirements of the student body. In recent years the Council has been responsible for contributing to matters as simple as the addition of extra playground seating, or as complex as the introduction of Queenwood’s new 10-day timetable.

    The SRC is both a sounding board and a source of ideas for all staff. It is frequently consulted by the executive on potential changes that affect the student body. Members of the SRC take it upon themselves to organise initiatives such as the World Vision 40 Hour Famine, coordinating such events entirely with minimal, or no, staff input. Year after year we find great young leaders and managers from among Queenwood’s student body, and the SRC gives some of them opportunities to remove staff from the picture so they can show their true capabilities.

    Before it is anything else, however, the SRC is the official voice of the students, and the rest of Queenwood has long ago learned the value of paying attention to this voice. The members of the SRC speak with the collective authority of 600 intelligent, self-aware young minds who have something to say, and their actions ensure that the students are counted among the leadership of Queenwood.

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    Junior School Prefects

    The Junior School strives to provide strong leadership training and opportunities for its students, particularly in Years 5 and 6. All girls in Year 5 undertake a unit of study on the concept of leadership and the qualities and skills required to be an effective leader. Following this, girls may nominate to be considered for election to one of a series of key positions in Year 6, taking part in several rounds of speeches before being democratically elected by peers and staff.

    Captains’ Positions

    • Junior School Captain
    • Sports Captains
    • Social Justice Captains
    • Music Captains
    • Arts Captains
    • House Captains

    Other Leadership Opportunities
    In addition to these positions, there are also many other opportunities for girls to develop leadership skills and experience within the Junior School. Examples include:

    • Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities
    • Saturday Sport Team Captains
    • Kindergarten and Year 1 Buddies
    • Inter-School Debating
    • Performance Opportunities
    • Class Group Work
    • Camps and Excursions

    Click here for more specific outlines of all Junior School Leadership opportunities.

    Senior School Prefects

    Throughout Senior School, students can represent their year groups in a leadership capacity through the Student Representative Council (SRC).
    Students in Year 9 are trained in the Peer Support Program to assist Year 7 in their transition to Senior School. All Year 10 students participate in a leadership program in Term 4.

    Each year, a group of Year 11 students is selected to act as the new Year 12 school leaders for the following year, in a process involving peer and teacher nominations and interviews. Year 12 leadership roles include Head Prefect and Vice-Head Prefect, and specialist positions such as Social Justice Prefects, House Prefects and Year Prefects, who liaise with individual year groups.

    Every Queenwood girl is valued for her individuality, talents and willingness to take on responsibility. Some may not wish to pursue high-profile leadership roles or may not be suited to the demands of such positions. Queenwood respects the right of all students to take their place in the school community and to develop in their own way.
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