Music Rooms


Queenwood has arrange of facilities and performing spaces to support Music education, as follows:

Two teaching classrooms (MG10 and MG11)

  • one larger room with 15 computers and a smaller room with 5 computers
  • each rooms equipped with a piano, a drum kit, stereo system and a Smartboard

Rehearsal Room (MG07)

  • very large room with acoustic panelling for rehearsals of large ensembles such as the Orchestra, String Ensemble, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band and Senior Choir
  • also used for dance and drama rehearsals on occasion
  • equipped with a large range of orchestral percussion, guitars, two pianos and a Smartboard

Recording Studio (M135)

  • equipped with computer-based recording equipment and linked to MG07
  • suited to elective music students learning to make live and studio recordings

Individual Tutorial Rooms (M130 – M134)

  • host students’ individual lessons with visiting tutors on instruments, voice and musicianship
  • largest of these rooms also used for small group rehearsals
  • available to senior students for practice sessions during study periods
  • each room equipped with a piano and music stand (except for M132 which is equipped with a drum kit

Astra Theatre

  • used for all concerts held throughout the year, such as the 631 Term Concerts, Individual Tutor Studio Concerts, the annual Showcase Concert, the Piano Recital Evening, Music Festival, School Production and Carol Service
  • equipped with lighting and sound to suit various needs and functions as well as a Steinway Concert Grand Piano
  • available to senior elective music students to practice on the Steinway

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